A24 London Road proposed cycling improvements

Closed 9 Nov 2012

Opened 16 Oct 2012

Results updated 26 Nov 2012

The consultation attracted 55 responses from a variety of stakeholders and local residents.

Having considered the issues raised in consultation, we have decided to proceed with a modified version of its proposed scheme on the A24 London Road.

The changes to the original scheme are outlined below:

Not pursuing shared footway for cycling and pedestrians:

Having considered comments received, we will not be pursuing any areas of shared footway at this stage. This is due to the strength of feeling from respondents about the potential for conflict between pedestrians and cyclists.

Click here to view a plan of the proposed improvements.  

We intend to start work on Monday 19 November 2012. We expect this section of work to be completed by the 14th December 2012.

Please click here to download the full consultation report.



Transport for London (TfL) has been working with a number of interested parties including cycling and road safety organisations to review cycling provision at major junctions. As part of this work, some initial proposals to improve cycling provision on the A24 London Road and Epsom Road between Morden and Lower Morden Lane are proposed for implementation.

About the proposed changes:

The proposed improvements include:

  • Replacing advisory cycle lanes with wider mandatory cycle lanes where there is sufficient road width on London Road to create more space for cyclists.
  • Replacing single red lines with double red lines alongside the mandatory cycle lanes where required on London Road. This would reduce the need for cyclists to overtake parked cars.
  • No change to the current designated parking/loading bays.
  • Enabling less confident cyclists to share certain sections of footway with pedestrians on both Epsom Road and London Road.
  • Removing unnecessary street furniture
  • Planting new trees 



  • Merton
  • Sutton


  • Public
  • Stakeholders
  • Local residents


  • Junction Improvements