Initial safety improvements at Waterloo (IMAX) roundabout

Closed 14 Nov 2012

Opened 22 Oct 2012

Results updated 21 Nov 2012

We have made some changes to our planned scheme having considered comments received. Please click here to download the consultation report.

The revised plan for Waterloo roundabout is summarised below and shown on the plan at the bottom of this web page.

Proceed with kerb build-outs:

We intend to install all kerb build-outs as originally proposed. They have been designed to reduce the chances of cyclists being squeezed against the kerb by motorists and to help them take a primary position in the traffic lanes. They will also help reduce traffic speeds on the roundabout approaches and encourage traffic to keep to the two marked lanes, instead of flaring into three lanes as is sometimes the case now.

Change nearside cycle feeder lane to a mandatory cycle lane:

We intend to introduce the nearside cycle feeder lanes in order to provide more space for cyclists exiting the roundabout onto Waterloo Road and York Road. Having considered requests received in response to the proposals, we now intend to upgrade these lanes to operate as mandatory rather than advisory lanes. We will undertake the necessary statutory consultation in order to make this change early next year. The lanes will be initially be installed as advisory lanes whilst this process takes place.

Proceed with central cycle feeder lane with amended road markings to reduce encroachment by motorists:

We intend to introduce the central cycle feeder lane in order to provide more space for cyclists continuing around the roundabout beyond the Waterloo Road exit and to reduce the risk of conflict with left-turning vehicles. In response to comments received, we will move the arrow lane markings on the main carriageway in order to encourage motorists to get in lane in good time, reducing the risk of vehicles entering the central cycle lane.

Proceed with extended ASLs:

We will introduce the extended ASLs as proposed, in order to help cyclists wait ahead of queuing traffic. We are also in active discussions with the Department for Transport to change regulations to allow better enforcement of ASLs.

Introduce green cycle surfacing across exits from Stamford Street, Waterloo Road and Tenison Way:

Having considered comments received, we intend to lay green cycle surfacing across the exits onto the roundabout from Stamford Street, Waterloo Road and Tenison Way. This will provide a clear route to cyclists and will raise motorist awareness of cyclists.

Update on proposals for 20mph speed limit at the roundabout

The proposed 20mph speed limit was well-supported by respondents. We will continue working on detailed proposals ready for consultation early next year.




Transport for London (TfL) is working with interested parties - including cycling and road safety organisations - to review and improve cycling provision at major junctions across London. Please see for more information.

As part of this work we have developed proposals to improve safety at the Waterloo (IMAX) roundabout at the junctions of Waterloo Road, Stamford Street, York Road and Concert Hall Approach.

A consultation ran from 22 October 2012 to 14 November 2012. Details of the proposals are found below. Click here to read the consultation report.

Why we consulted

Waterloo roundabout is a key junction for cyclists travelling between central and south London. Counts show that more than 5,500 cyclists use Waterloo roundabout each weekday, representing nearly a quarter of all traffic here.

Our review of the current road layout identified that early improvements can be made to allow cyclists better access to Advanced Stop Lines (ASLs) on the roundabout, reducing the need for them to position themselves amongst fast-moving traffic. We’re proposing the following improvements:

  • New cycle feeder lanes leading into new longer ASLs will reduce the risk of collisions by helping cyclists to get ahead of other traffic. The new feeder lanes will mean that some sections of the roundabout will have three lanes for all traffic instead of four
  • Extending footways and traffic islands to reduce traffic speeds and provide more space for pedestrians. 


Traffic modelling suggests that these changes would cause some increase in queuing on the roundabout and approaches at busy times, particularly on the approach from Stamford Street.

Proposed 20mph speed limit to follow in 2013

We are also proposed a 20mph speed limit at the roundabout. This would be introduced early in 2013.

Please click here to see the map for further information on the proposals.


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