Have your say on bus route 178 in Kidbrooke

Closed 20 Mar 2016

Opened 22 Feb 2016

Results Updated 28 Jun 2017

We received 348 responses to the community engagement exercise. 339 were from members of the public and nine were from stakeholders. Thanks to all those who provided their views – we appreciate your patience in waiting for our reply.

55 per cent of the responses supported the proposal to divert route 178, 35 per cent said they did not support the proposals, two per cent were not sure or had no opinion, and eight per cent did not answer.

After careful consideration of all of the consultation responses, we plan to reroute both the 178 and B16 to make use of Cambert Way, as shown in the map below.

Route 178 will be rerouted from Kidbrooke Park Road via Cambert Way, Ryan Close and Tudway Road in both directions.  Route B16 will be simplified. Towards Kidbrooke, it will run via Cambert Way, Ryan Close, Tudway Road, Kidbrooke Park Road and Weigall Road to terminate on Moorhead Way. Towards Bexleyheath it will run via Moorhead Way, Weigall Road, Kidbrooke Park Road, Cambert Way, Ryan Close and Tudway Road.

Moorhead Way is served by route B16. The 178 will not serve Moorhead Way as this would create an unacceptable increase in journey times for through passengers. We will continue to keep the local bus network under review and engage with Berkeley Homes to find a better solution.

Please click here to view larger map (PDF).

Kidbrooke Park Road is due to be closed for works during the summer. We plan to introduce these changes once the works are completed.

To view the full consultation report and our responses to issues raised, please click on the links below:

Kidbrooke Village Engagement Report final (PDF).

Kidbrooke Village response to issues raised final (PDF).



We have been asked by local residents and elected representatives to consider diverting bus route 178 in Kidbrooke. We would like to hear your views, so that we can better understand the travel needs of local people.

What are we proposing?

Bus route 178 currently uses Kidbrooke Park Road in both directions. It used to follow a loop which went both west and east of Kidbrooke Park Road, in order to serve Moorhead Way and Tudway Road. Changes to local roads mean it can no longer serve the loop.

However, buses in both directions could divert off Kidbrooke Park Road to the west to serve Moorhead Way, then to the east to serve Tudway Road. As both these roads are now ‘no through roads’ buses would have to go down one, then turn back on themselves, before serving the other.

An advantage of this is that local people could join or leave the 178 in those roads and would have a direct service to and from Lewisham, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich and other places on the route.

A disadvantage is that through passengers on that part of route 178 would take an estimated 8 minutes longer to reach their destination, making the service less attractive for them.

For more details see the map below:

Next steps

We will discuss the overall response to our questions in the survey below with The Royal Borough of Greenwich and other stakeholders, and publish a summary online. The information will be used to inform our planning for the bus network as the area develops.

Have your say

We would like to know what you think about our proposals for bus route 178 in Kidbrooke.

Please give us your views by completing the online survey below by Sunday 20 March 2016.

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