Bus service proposal: routes 206, 224 & PR2

Closed 19 Aug 2011

Opened 12 Jul 2011

Results updated 11 Oct 2011

Thank you to all who took part in our consultation. We have carefully considered all 573 responses. The changes were designed to provide some new passenger links, simplified routeings and increased frequencies in and around Wembley Park and along Brentfield Road. Some of the current direct links provided at low frequency are withdrawn.  

The majority of responses were in favour of the changes.  We believe they offer an overall enhancement for bus users in the Wembley and Park Royal areas, and so we intend to proceed as proposed.  The changes to routes 206 and 224 will commence on 15 October and route PR2 will cease operation on 14 October.

Bus route 223

Route 223 will also be changing from 15 October following a consultation with Boroughs, London TravelWatch and other stakeholders. This will improve access to the developing area around Wembley Stadium and the London Borough of Brent’s new Civic Centre on Engineers Way by diverting the service via Empire Way rather than Park Lane and Wembley Park Drive. Towards Wembley, there will be one additional stop, which is the stand itself. From Wembley, there will be three additional stops: the stand, plus two others on the manoeuvre from the stand back to Wembley High Road.

The proposed extension of route 223 to North Wembley via Harrowdene road is not being introduced at this stage, following discussions with Brent Council. We will consult again should a suitable way to deliver this become available.

We will be promoting the coming changes to the bus routes with further posters at affected stops.  These will clearly explain how it affects local bus stopping arrangements.  We will also send an email to those passengers with Oyster cards who have registered to receive email updates from us, as well as through our website and via a press release. When introduced all the changes will be kept under regular review.

Our full feedback and consultation summary can be found at the bottom of this page.



The London Bus Network is kept under regular review. As part of this, we develop proposals for changes to services.

Why your views matter

We are working closely with Brent and Ealing Councils to improve bus routes around the Wembley and Park Royal areas.

The proposed changes would mean that the bus network in and around Wembley and Park Royal would be able to provide more capacity and also offer more frequent and simple services alongside new links.

We are proposing;

  • Route 206 will be withdrawn from between Brent Park and St Raphael’s Estate and re-routed  to Wembley Park, The Paddocks
  • Route 224 will be rerouted at Harlesden Station running along Brentfield Road to terminate in St Raphael’s Estate.
  • Route PR2 is withdrawn


Please click here to view a detailed map of the proposals

The possible effects of the changes

Currently route PR2 operates Monday to Saturdays only with a bus every 30 minutes. The changes mean that there would be a daily service along all the roads currently served by route PR2. The frequency of buses would also increase at most times as routes 206 and 224  run every 15 minutes during the day Monday to Saturdays.

Sunday service frequency

Routes 206 and 224 both operate on a Sunday. Route 206 operates every 20 minutes and route 224 every 30 minutes.

Earlier / Later buses

Routes 206 and 224 have earlier and later buses operating along the routes. Route 206 will run between about 0520 and midnight Monday to Saturday, and 0650 and midnight on Sundays. Route 224 will run between about 0500 and 0030 Monday to Saturday and about 0645 to 0010 on Sundays.  This will provide more travelling options for bus users who require the services at these times. The current times of route PR2 are between about 0600 and 2320 Monday to Saturday.

New Journey Options

New journey options are created to/from the Wembley Stadium and the relocated Brent civic centre, St Raphael’s and Brentfield Road.

Direct journeys no longer available

No replacement for route PR2 is proposed along Hillside or at Stonebridge Park however this area is served by high frequency route 18. Additionally, many users will be close to bus stops served by routes 206 and 224.

Routes 228 and 487 will continue to link the Central Middlesex Hospital area and Willesden Junction station, with nine buses every hour. (Eight buses per hour evenings and Sundays). Harlesden Station also provides interchange with rail services.

The new routeings

Route 206 operating between Kilburn Park and Wembley Park, The Paddocks

At Brent Park the route would run via the Tesco store in both directions and then on the roads currently used by route PR2 .

Please click here to view a detailed map of the proposals

Route 224 operating between Wembley Stadium Station and St Raphael’s Estate

From Brentfield Road towards St Raphael’s route 224 would run along Besant Way and then Pitfield Way to terminate. In the other direction it would run via the Tesco store Route 232 will continue to provide the link from Brent Park to St Raphael’s.

Please click here to view a detailed map of the proposals

The consultation

The consultation is now closed. The outcome of the consultation can be found below.


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