Have your say on changes to bus route 372 at Rainham station

Closed 10 Dec 2017

Opened 26 Oct 2017


We are proposing to make changes to how bus route 372 serves Rainham station.

What are we proposing?

We are proposing to make changes to how bus route 372 serves Rainham Station to improve the interchange for passengers. The proposal also helps to respond to concerns raised by councillors from the London Borough of Havering about historic infrastructure on Wennington Road.

In detail, we propose to reroute the 372 via Rainham Station eastbound only. From Broadway, it would operate via Old Station Lane, Celtic Farm Road and Ferry Lane, returning to the line of route on Wennington Road. The bus stop on Wennington Road would no longer be served. However, the stop on Celtic Farm Road would replace this and allow better interchange for eastbound passengers arriving or boarding at Rainham Station. There would be a small disbenefit for some through passengers as their journey time would increase slightly.

We reviewed the possibility to also reroute the service westbound at Rainham station too. However, this would require the bus to travel via a longer loop via the station. This would have required additional time in the schedule and would have impacted adversely on the reliability of the service or would have required an additional vehicle which would not be a cost effective use of resources.  

Please refer to the plan below

A map of the proposed rerouteing of the 372

Click here for a larger version of the above map (PDF)

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