Bus service proposal: routes 485 and 283

Closed 25 Mar 2018

Opened 19 Feb 2018


The London bus network is kept under regular review. As part of this we develop proposals for changes to services.

We’re proposing changes to bus route 485 which runs from Hammersmith via Barnes and Putney to Wandsworth to:

  • deliver a higher frequency bus service between Hammersmith, Barnes town centre, Putney town centre and Wandsworth
  • serve the new Wandsworth Riverside housing area

We’re also proposing to the make temporary curtailment of Route 283 between Hammersmith Bus Station and Barnes Wetland Centre permanent. This curtailment has been in place since May 2016 due to restrictions on the number of buses that can cross Hammersmith Bridge. 

We’re proposing to make the change permanent since Route 485 has been diverted to serve the Barnes Wetland Centre when the centre is open, in place of Route 283.

Why We Are Consulting

At present, route 485 runs between Hammersmith and Wandsworth every 30 minutes during Monday to Saturday daytime only (from about 07:00 to 20:00). It uses single deck buses.

We’d like to hear your views on:

  • Increasing the frequency of current daytime services from two buses to four buses an hour  (every 15 minutes) on Monday to Saturday
  • Introducing evening services (at two buses per hour) on Monday to Saturday until midnight.
  • Introducing daytime and evening services (two buses per hour) on Sundays from about 0730 to midnight. 
  • Changing the route between Putney and Wandsworth to run via Putney High Street and Upper Richmond Road rather than Putney Bridge Road,
  • Extending the route to include Wandsworth Riverside
  • Installing a bus stand at Wandsworth Riverside
  • Permanently curtailing route 283 so it runs between East Acton and Hammersmith Bus Station only at all times.


Why are we proposing this?

Frequency of service

It would increase the frequency of services between Hammersmith, Barnes town centre, Putney town centre and Wandsworth - in response to requests from local stakeholders.   

  • The existing daytime Monday to Saturday service would increase from two to four buses per hour.
  • A new Monday to Saturday evening service would be introduced of two buses per hour
  • A new Sunday daytime and evening service would be introduced of  two buses per hour

There will be a reduction in frequency of route 209 buses (Hammersmith - Mortlake) by 2 per hour during the day Monday to Saturday,  to keep the number of buses over Hammersmith Bridge constant. As a result, buses on route 209 would run every 6 minutes in the peak period and every 7-8 minutes off-peak. 

However, the increased frequency of service on Route 485 means the number of buses between Hammersmith and Barnes would be unchanged during the day on Monday to Saturday, and increase at other times.

The change of route proposed is a response to requests from local residents for a direct bus service between Putney High Street and Upper Richmond Road. 

The proposed new route also offers greater connectivity with the wider transport network than Putney Bridge Road since it passes Putney National Rail Station and East Putney Underground station.  It will require the introduction of a new right hand turn for buses from Upper Richmond Road into Putney High Street.

Putney Bridge Road would lose the 2 buses an hour of the current 485 service but would continue to be served by 24-hour bus route 220 (every 5-8 minutes during the day) and bus route 270 (every 10-12 minutes during the day).

By increasing the frequency of the 485, Barnes Wetland Centre would have a bus every 15 minutes to and from Hammersmith Monday to Saturdays, and every 30 minutes on Sundays, when the centre is open.

Change of route

The map below shows the proposed changes to route 485.

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Route 485 would cease to serve the following bus stops on Putney Bridge Road

  • Brewhouse Lane                                                        
  • Deodar Road                                                             
  • Skelgill Road / Wandsworth Park                              
  • Riverside Quarter Pier                                               

It would instead serve the following bus stops on Putney High Street, Upper Richmond Road and West Hill 

  • Putney Station (Connects to National Rail)               
  • East Putney Station (Connects to District Line)        
  • Manfred Road                                                            
  • Galveston Road                                                         
  • Merton Road                                                              

Extension of route

We are also proposing to extend the 485 route to serve Wandsworth’s Riverside Quarter, located just west of Wandsworth Bridge where the River Wandle meets the Thames. Currently this new development which includes homes, public spaces, a riverside walk, shops and offices has no direct  public transport service. Local developers have agreed to make financial contributions towards the cost of the proposals    

This new section of the route would enter Riverside Quarter via Point Pleasant and make a loop around Osiers Road and Enterprise Way before leaving via Point Pleasant.   

Two new bus stops are proposed for Osiers Road as well as a bus stand on the looped section of the route. This new bus stand would replace Ram Street as the terminus for Route 485 after its introduction.

The map below shows these proposed changes in greater detail.

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Next steps

We will analyse and consider all of the responses received to the consultation, and publish our response later this year.

The changes to Route 485 would be introduced in two stages.  The first stage would be the increase in service frequency, and the diversion from Putney Bridge Road to the new route via Putney High Street, Upper Richmond Road and West Hill later in 2018.  The extension of the service to Wandsworth Riverside Quarter and replacement of Ram Street as the service terminus by Osiers Road would follow in 2019.

The timing and implementation of all the proposed changes are, of course, subject to the outcome of this consultation, further approvals and the availability of funding.

Have your say

We would like to know what you think about our proposals for Routes 485 and 283.

Please give us your views by completing the survey below by 25 March 2018.

Alternatively, you can:

*Service and network charges may apply

You can also request paper copies of plans and a response form, copies in Braille, large text or another language by emailing consultations@tfl.gov.uk, writing to FREEPOST TFL CONSULTATIONS, or calling 0343 222 1155.


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