Closed 9 Nov 2018

Opened 28 Sep 2018


Route 171

Our proposals

We review the bus network regularly to ensure services remain efficient, safe and reliable for our customers.

We have developed a proposal for route 171 that would:

  • No longer run route 171 between Elephant & Castle and Holborn

 Why are we proposing this?

Route 171 currently serves Holborn to Elephant & Castle corridor via Kingsway and Waterloo Bridge and Waterloo Road. Bus routes 1, 68, 168 and 188 currently serve this route.

Over the past two years customers have been using these routes less, apart from the 188, usage for which has slightly risen on week days.

Out of the five routes, the 171 serves the fewest unique destinations, whilst the other routes provide unique journeys for our customers. We are therefore proposing to withdraw route 171 between Elephant & Castle and Holborn. This will better match customer demand and improve reliability, as it will shorten the total length of route 171.

A map of the proposed changes can be found below:

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Route 171 map (PDF 187KB)

A summary of our analysis of this route and the data supporting the case for change can be found here in the Central London bus services supporting material.

Bus stands (locations where buses wait between journeys):

  • We would bring into use a spare 2-bus stand on Borough Road, South Side, accessed by Newington Causeway

How will these proposals change my journey?

Customers currently travelling on the 171 would need to change to routes 1, 68, 168 or 188 to continue their journey towards Bloomsbury. Our Hopper fare means that there would be no additional fare for doing so within one hour. 

When would these changes start?

We will review and use the feedback from this consultation to help inform and shape these proposals. We may decide to change our proposals in light of comments or we may decide to go ahead as proposed. However, if we significantly revise our proposals we will run a new consultation to find out what people think.

If we go ahead with these proposals, they would be introduced in early 2019.


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