Waterloo to Fleet Street

Closed 9 Nov 2018

Opened 28 Sep 2018


Routes 4, 172 and 341

Our proposals

We review the bus network regularly to ensure services remain efficient, safe, and reliable for our customers.

We have developed a set of proposals for routes 4, 172 and 341 that would:

  • Re-route the 341 via Farringdon Road
  • Change route 4 so it no longer runs between Waterloo and New Change and extend it to Blackfriars via Queen Victoria Street
  • Change route 172 so it no longer runs between Clerkenwell Green and Aldwych

Why are we proposing this?

Routes 4, 26, 76, 172 and 341 currently run between Waterloo and Fleet Street. Routes 76 and 341 run 24 hours a day and route N26 runs between Trafalgar Square and Chingford.

Demand on these routes has decreased significantly in the central area, which has led to excess bus capacity between Waterloo and Fleet Street.

Route 4 is well used between Islington and the Barbican, but demand quickly reduces south of this point. The number of customers making longer trips between Waterloo and Fleet Street and areas north of Angel are low.

To retain a service from New Change to Queen Victoria Street we would extend route 4 to Blackfriars via Queen Victoria Street. We are proposing to remove this link from the current 388, further details of which can be found later in this consultation.

We would also no longer run route 4 between Waterloo and New Change, where we have excess capacity on this service.

These proposals will help improve reliability on route 4 and create new links between Blackfriars and Angel Islington

To make better use of our network, we would reroute the 341 via Farringdon Road and Charterhouse Street. This would provide a faster journey for many of our customers travelling between Waterloo and Angel Islington by up to two minutes in each direction. 

These changes would mean our services more closely match demand between Waterloo and Fleet Street, which would be served by 22 buses an hour by routes 26, 76 and 341.

However, the scheme would break the direct link between southeast London and Fleet Street. To reach their destinations passengers can interchange at Elephant & Castle.  

A map showing the proposed changes can be found below:

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Routes 4, 172 and 341 map (PDF 193KB)

A summary of our analysis of this route and the data supporting the case for change can be found here in the Central London bus services supporting material.

Bus stands (locations where buses wait between journeys):

  • We would alter the stand location for route 341 at Waterloo from Addington Street to Waterloo Road

How would this affect my journey?

Customers travelling between southeast London and Fleet Street would need to change at Elephant & Castle to route 63, which serves Fleet Street at Ludgate Circus or at Waterloo to routes 26, 76 or 341.

Customers travelling between Islington and Fleet Street/Waterloo would need to change from route 4 to route 76 at New Change.

Our Hopper fare would ensure there would be no additional fare for doing this within one hour. 

When would these changes start?

We will review and use the feedback from this consultation to help inform and shape these proposals. We may decide to change our proposals in light of comments or we may decide to go ahead as proposed. However, if we significantly revise our proposals we will run a new consultation to find out what people think.

If we go ahead with these proposals, they would be introduced in early 2019.


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