Proposed Changes to Buses in Dartford and Crayford (routes 428 and 492)

Closed 10 Sep 2019

Opened 19 Jul 2019

Results updated 16 Oct 2020

Having considered all of the issues raised by respondents to the consultation, we have decided not to proceed with the withdrawal of the 428 between Bluewater and Crayford and not to proceed with the withdrawal of the 492 between Bluewater and Dartford at this time. We will keep both operations under review.

However, we will proceed with the conversion of route 428 to double deck and the withdrawal of the existing school day only journeys.

Our consultation report can be found below.

Routes 428 and 492 consultation report (PDF 3.04MB)


Update 10 December 2019 

This consultation is closed. 

We received a large number of responses to the consultation on these proposals and are currently analysing these. Whilst this is happening the routes will remain as they are. The proposals will not be implemented in January 2020. If any changes are to be made to these bus routes, we will confirm the date of this when we announce our final decision on whether or not to proceed with our proposals.

- update ends -

We are proposing to make changes to bus routes 428 and 492. These proposed changes would help to better match bus capacity to customer demand.

Route 428 runs between Erith and Bluewater. It uses single deck buses and runs every 15 minutes Monday to Saturday daytimes, and every 30 minutes in the evening and on Sundays. Since December 2017, routes 428 and 96 serve the same stops between Crayford and Bluewater, and between Dartford town centre and Bluewater stop only at Darent Valley Hospital.

Route 492 runs between Sidcup and Bluewater. It uses double deck buses and runs every 30 minutes Monday to Sunday daytimes, and every 60 minutes each evening. Between Dartford town centre and Bluewater it serves all stops, via London Road.

These proposals are subject to a public consultation and we are keen to hear your thoughts on how these changes could affect you.

The closing date for comments is Tuesday 10 September 2019.

What are we proposing?

Route 428

From monitoring routes 96 and 428 we have determined that there is sufficient capacity on route 96 to accommodate customer demand between Crayford and Bluewater.

For route 428 we are proposing to:

  • No longer run this route between Crayford and Bluewater
  • Run this route with double deck buses instead of single deck buses
  • No longer run three schoolday-only peak hour journeys. This would affect the 07:41 Erith to Crayford; 15:25 Crayford to Erith; and 15:36 Crayford to Erith journeys. There would be no other change to frequency and buses would continue to run every 15 minutes during Monday to Saturday daytimes

Customers that wish to travel to/from Dartford, Darent Valley Hospital and Bluewater could interchange at Crayford to/from route 96. In 2016 the Mayor introduced the Hopper fare which has already helped millions of customers make affordable bus journeys across London. The Hopper fare allows customers to interchange between buses, or make multiple bus journeys, within one hour at no extra cost.

Replacing single deck buses with double deck buses would provide sufficient capacity to compensate for the removal of the three peak hour journeys and provide more capacity to help with future demand.

Buses would stand between journeys at the bus stand in Roman Way, Crayford (outside Sainsbury’s). This would also become the last stop for route 428 buses from Erith.

Route 492:

For route 492 we are proposing to:  

  • No longer run this route between Dartford town centre and Bluewater

Customers that wish to travel between locations within London and Bluewater could interchange at Home Gardens, near Dartford rail station, to/from route 96. Customers would be able to take advantage of the Hopper fare, which allows customers to interchange between buses, or make multiple bus journeys, within one hour at no extra cost.

There would be no change to the frequency of this service as a result of the proposed change.

Buses would stand between journeys at the existing eastbound bus stop D in Home Gardens, Dartford.  

Subject to consultation, we are proposing that the above changes to routes 428 and 492 would be made from January 2020.

Dartford town centre:

We’re also seeking views on a recent change (from 1 July 2019) in Dartford town centre to routes 96, 428 and 492. These changes were driven by Dartford Borough Council’s scheme to reduce congestion and create a new public space in the heart of Dartford.

As part of this we changed the westbound routing for these bus routes to serve the same roads as the eastbound buses. This makes the bus network easier to understand, and brings westbound buses closer to Dartford rail station and the northern part of the town centre.

For more information on the town centre scheme click here.

Your feedback will help us to better understand how these routes are serving the local community and whether or not these changes have resulted in any unforeseen issues for our customers.

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Overview map, showing current and proposed routes (PDF 90KB)

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Current TfL buses in Dartford town centre (PDF 69KB)

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Proposed TfL buses in Dartford town centre from January 2020 (PDF 68KB)

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Proposed interchange in Crayford from January 2020 (PDF 65KB)

Alternative options considered

Route 428:

We considered making a shorter reduction for route 428, so that it would continue to run between Erith and Dartford. However it would then continue to serve the same stops as route 96 between Crayford and Dartford and would provide more capacity than is needed on this section of both routes.

Route 492:

We considered reducing route 492 so that it would no longer run between Crayford and Bluewater. However this would have resulted in interchanges for more customers and would have left the area around Station Road and Chastillian Road in Crayford unserved by buses.

How would this affect your journey?

Route 428 (Erith-Crayford) and route 492 (Sidcup-Dartford town centre) may become more reliable as they would be shorter and no longer affected by traffic congestion around Bluewater.

In some cases, if you’re travelling to or from Bluewater then your journey time may be shorter as route 96 uses the Fastrack bus-only road between Darent Valley Hospital and Bluewater.

Our Hopper fare means there would be no additional fare for changing between TfL buses within one hour. However, depending on your destination, you may need to use a non-TfL bus route for journeys east of Dartford. Non-TfL buses are not covered by the Hopper fare and would be at additional cost.

For more information on alternative bus routes please see the document below.

Alternative Bus Routes, Bus Stops and Where to Change Buses (PDF 1.08MB)

For more information on non-TfL buses in the Dartford area please visit, call Traveline on 0871 200 2233 (charges apply), or visit

Impact on protected groups

We have undertaken an Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA). This will be reviewed following the consultation. The EqIA examines what impact (positive or negative) all of the proposed route changes have on customers with characteristics protected by the Equality Act 2010.  

We consider the impacts of bus service change proposals on equality groups throughout the planning process ensuring, where possible, effective mitigations are in place where no viable alternative is available. The EqIA can be found below.  

Equality Impact Assessment (PDF 90KB)

Why are we consulting?

Buses play a unique role in the life of London. They are the most accessible form of public transport and they provide the widest and densest network of travel options for distances that are too long to walk or cycle. Good reliable bus services are fundamental to how our customers move around the city.

However the way our customers are using the bus network is changing. For this reason we continuously monitor the network to understand where demand is increasing or falling. This helps us determine whether or not we are providing services that effectively match customer demand.

When we propose a change to the bus network we run a public consultation to help us understand more about how our proposals may impact on our customers and stakeholders.

Have your say

We would like to know what you think about our proposed changes. Your comments and suggestions will help inform our final decision making.

Please give us your views by completing the online survey below by Tuesday 10 September 2019.

Alternatively, you can:

You can also request copies of the above consultation materials and a survey form on paper, in Braille, large text or another language by contacting us as above.

Please state “Dartford and Crayford bus consultation” when contacting us.

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