Have your say on our proposed changes to bus services in Archway

Closed 29 Feb 2016

Opened 11 Jan 2016

Results updated 6 Dec 2016

Updated - 1 December 2016

We have updated the Consultation Report to address a formatting error within the PDF. Please see below to download the report.

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Between 11 January and 29 February 2016 we consulted on a set of proposed changes to bus services in Archway. These changes are necessary because of a major reconfiguration of the road network at Archway gyratory.

We received 818 responses to the consultation from both members of the public and stakeholders.

Seventy-five per cent of people who responded said that they did not support the proposed changes. Twenty-three per cent either supported or partially supported the proposals.

Having reviewed the detailed comments provided by respondents, we have decided to proceed with the proposed changes. These will be implemented in time for the change-over to the new two-way traffic system at Archway, which is expected to happen on the weekend of 17/18 December 2016. The new bus stands on Archway Road will be in use from Tuesday 6 December.

We have looked carefully at what those who opposed the changes told us. As a result, we are considering extending certain bus routes to serve locations such as Upper Holloway station and the Whittington Hospital.

Our dedicated Archway webpage will shortly be updated with links to updated bus travel information: https://tfl.gov.uk/travel-information/improvements-and-projects/archway-gyratory.

Please click here for a copy of our Consultation Report (PDF) *Updated 6 December 2016

Please click here for a copy of our Response to Issues Raised (PDF)

Please find details of the original consultation below.


Update - 24 February 2016

Our route map has been updated to include bus stops A and B (neither of which would be changed according to our proposals) and to remove the name of the Charlotte Despard public house.

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Update - 19 February 2016

Following requests, we have extended the consultation by one week. The deadline for comments is now Monday 29 February 2016.

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Update - 15 February 2016

Our route map has been updated to show which bus routes would serve each bus stop on the updated road system.

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Update - 3 February 2016

We updated this page with the following clarification:

We do not propose to make any changes to the existing stops A and B on Highgate Hill, just north of Magdala Avenue.

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The London bus network is kept under regular review. As part of this, we develop proposals for changes to services.

Between 3 November and 14 December 2014 we held a consultation on proposals to improve the Archway gyratory system for pedestrians and cyclists, and to create a new public space. We heard from over 1,000 respondents, having consulted extensively with stakeholders and members of the public, and the scheme design was amended to reflect many of the comments we received. In May 2015 we announced that we had decided to implement those proposals, which will involve changing the one-way gyratory system into a two-way road network, with one arm of the old gyratory closed permanently to motor vehicles.

As part of that earlier consultation we considered what this new road alignment would mean for bus services through Archway. Many of the people who responded to that consultation provided useful feedback on our plans for bus services. We considered those responses and addressed various common concerns in our Response to Consultation report (PDF)

Now that preparations are being made for the construction of new roads, and additional work has been carried out on our plans for bus services, we want to know your views on our choices and assumptions concerning which bus routes will serve which bus stops and how those routes will pass through the new road layout.

Decisions on the layout of the roads, and the location of bus stops and stands, have already been taken and are not within the scope of this consultation.

Our aim is to reach final decisions on bus services so that we can introduce them in time for when the new road layout for Archway is completed. This is expected to be in early 2017.

What are we proposing?

Due to the closure of the bottom section of Highgate Hill to motor traffic to create a new public space, some bus services will need to take different routes through Archway. The new road layout also requires the following changes to bus stops:

  • The relocation of the northbound bus stop X on Archway Road (near Despard Road) slightly further up the road.
  • The removal of northbound bus stop G (near the former UCL Campus)
  • The removal of southbound bus stops K and L (near Archway Park) from Archway Road.
  • The removal of the alighting bus stop on MacDonald Road, used by bus routes 4, 17, 41, 143, C11 and W5

We are relocating bus stands from the existing site on Vorley Road to on-street locations. New bus stands will be provided on Archway Road for six of the terminating bus routes, with the last terminating bus route (41) standing on MacDonald Road adjacent to the leisure centre. To accommodate the new bus stand on MacDonald Road and allow bus routes 41 and 210 to serve the town centre, the one-way direction of Vorley Road and MacDonald Road is being reversed.

The following table explains our proposal for which bus routes will use which of the new bus stops in Archway.

The new locations of bus stops and stands, as well as our proposal for how each route would pass through Archway is shown on the map (updated on 24 February) below.

Please click here for a larger version of the above map (PDF)

The northbound route 41 begins at Archway station and terminates at Tottenham Hale bus station. It would access St John’s Way by using first MacDonald Road, the new bus stop on Tollhouse Road, and then Archway Road.

The southbound route 41 would approach Archway from St John’s Way, continue onto Junction Road for its final stopping point and then use the new bus stand on MacDonald Road.

The eastbound route 210 begins at Brent Cross Shopping Centre and passes through Archway on its way to Finsbury Park station. It would approach Archway on Highgate Hill, pass along Tollhouse Way and Archway Road, then onto St John’s Way.

The westbound 210 would approach Archway from St John’s Way. It would use Junction Road before turning right onto Vorley Road, right again onto MacDonald Road then left onto Highgate Hill and from there it would resume its current route.

All routes heading southbound onto Holloway Road would do so via Sandridge Street. The same northbound routes would turn right from Holloway Road onto St John’s Road, either to continue on that road or to then turn left onto Archway Road. 

There will be a signalised u-turn for buses on Archway Road to enable buses to use the relocated bus stands and return to their routes.

We do not propose to make any changes to the existing stops A and B on Highgate Hill, just north of Magdala Avenue. Those stops are not indicated on our consultation map.

Have your say

We would like to know what you think about our proposals. Subject to the results of this consultation, the changes to bus services would be timed to coincide with the completion of the new road system in Archway, which is scheduled for early 2017.

Please give us your views by completing the online survey below by Monday 29 February 2016.

Alternatively, you can:

*Service and Network charges may apply.

Further information

Information about the earlier consultation on changing the road layout in Archway can be found here.

For more information about the construction programme for the work at Archway, please visit tfl.gov.uk/archway-gyratory


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