Bus service proposal: Route B16

Closed 25 Feb 2013

Opened 21 Jan 2013

Results Updated 4 Apr 2013

TfL previously consulted on a proposal to re-route the B16 and additionally route 178 to serve new stops along Kidbrooke Park Road.  As a result of the previous consultation TfL decided to re-route the 178 service as proposed, however, feedback from residents living on the Casterbridge and Brooklands Park estates asked for a bus service to be retained closer to them resulting in a proposal to re-route the B16 service along Weigall Road.  

A high percentage of responses asked TfL to consider whether a turning circle be constructed on Moorhead Way close to the current stop near Wingfield school so that the residents of Casterbridge and Brooklands estates can continue to have a bus service.

Following careful consideration of the feedback received from the consultation it has been decided that if a suitable turning circle and road are provided, it is proposed to reroute the B16 to serve this part of Moorehead Way.  It would serve Moorehead Way on journeys towards Kidbrooke and Bexleyheath.  This would be a temporary arrangement until Berkeley Homes require the land for the progression of the development.

Buses would run via Kidbrooke Park Road, the eastern end of Weigall Road and Moorehead Way to the turning circle, then back the same way to Kidbrooke Park Road.  The section of Weigall Road as proposed as part of this consultation would not be served.”

It is currently expected that both the 178 and B16 will need to serve Kidbrooke Park Road in both directions when the development is complete.  The Masterplan and proposed road network does not provide roads suitable for bus services.”




Transport for London (TfL) recently consulted on proposals to re-route the B16 and 178 services to serve stops on Kidbrooke Park Road.  These changes were proposed as the old Ferrier Estate in Kidbrooke has been demolished and is being replaced by a new development - Kidbrooke Village.  As we previously advised, due to a new road layout, it is not be possible for the services to continue to serve their current route, in particular Tudway Road or Moorhead Way.

Following careful consideration of the feedback received from the consultation it has been decided that TfL will implement the changes to the 178 service.  A pair of new stops will be located on Kidbrooke Park Road, on either side of the road.

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Route B16 New Proposal

We are proposing to reroute the B16 via Eltham Road and Weigall Road on a permanent basis.  New stops would be located on Weigall Road and buses would also stop at existing stops on Eltham Road (as shown on the map below).  This would mean that most of the areas surrounding the new Kidbrooke Village will be within 400 metres of the bus network.



TfL has agreed with the developer that changes to routes B16 and 178  services will not be implemented until walking routes between the east and west of the new Kidbrooke Village development are open to the public.  This will provide an alternative walking route of approximately 400m through the new development to the new stops for the 178 service along Kidbrooke Park Road.


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