Demand Responsive Bus Trial (Ealing)

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Closes 23 Aug 2019

Our proposals

1. What mode of transport do you currently use most? (Please select all that apply).
2. Would you be interested in using this service during the 12 month trial period?
3. If yes, what about this service attracts you? (Please select all that apply).
4. If no or not sure, it’s important we understand what may put you off using the trial service. (Please select all that apply).
5. If yes, how would you prefer to access this service?
6. What do you think about our choice of specific service area and the destinations included for this trial?
7. Do you have any comments about the detail of trial area covered, the operating hours or the approval process for stopping points?
8. Do you have any other comments or concerns about this proposed 12 month trial that you think we may have not considered?