Central London Bus Services Review - Response to Issues Raised

Closed 9 Nov 2018

Opened 28 Sep 2018


We have considered feedback from 7,184 consultation respondents and 134 stakeholders. We also received six petitions. This feedback has been used to identify where our customers or stakeholders have raised concerns with our original proposals.  

We have published an executive summary report for the response to issues raised. This outlines the key themes identified across all bus routes that were consulted on. This document also includes our conclusions and next steps. 

Executive summary report (PDF 1.92MB)

We have also published response to issues raised reports for each bus corridor that we consulted on. This has been done to assist readers in identifying issues that were raised for specific routes.  

These reports can be found below:  

Appendix A - Tottenham Court Road (Routes 14 & 134) (PDF 508KB)

Appendix B - King’s Road, Piccadilly, Shaftesbury Avenue (Routes 9/N9, 11, 19, 22 & 311) (PDF 487KB)

Appendix C - Whitehall and Westminster Bridge (Routes 3 & 53) (PDF 483KB)

Appendix D - Waterloo to Fleet Street (Routes 4, 172 & 341) (PDF 490KB)

Appendix E - Euston Road (Routes 59 & 476) (PDF 513KB)

Appendix F - Marylebone Road (Route 205/N205) (PDF 466KB)

Appendix G - Kingsway (Route 171) (PDF 504KB)

Appendix H - Blackfriars and London Bridge (Routes 35, 40, 45, 46, 76, 100, 343, 388 & RV1) (PDF 551KB)

Appendix I - Kingsland Road (Routes 67, 149 & 242) (PDF 606KB)

Appendix J - London Bridge and Hackney Road (Routes 26, 48 & 55) (PDF 564KB)

Appendix K - Holloway Road (Route 271 night service) (PDF 403KB)

Appendix L - Equalities Impact Assessment (PDF 505KB)

Appendix M - Quality of the consultation (PDF 464KB)

Appendix N - Stakeholder pan-London changes (PDF 523KB)

Appendix O - Hopper Fare refunds (PDF 408KB)

A summary of the most common themes identified during the consultation can be found below.

Summary of common consultation themes (PDF 138KB)


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