Bus service proposal: routes EL1 & 387


Transport for London (TfL) recently consulted on the proposed extension of route EL1 to support the growing Barking Riverside area, and to withdraw the Creekmouth journeys on route 387.

Why we consulted

Route EL1 currently runs between Ilford Broadway and Thames View Estate 24 hours a day. We proposed to extend it to Barking Riverside (Mallards Road) via Renwick Road, Thames Road, Marine Drive and Galleons Drive with no change to frequencies.

We believe this would give new direct links to community facilities at the expanding Rivergate Centre and to existing facilities in Thames View. It would also double bus service capacity to and from Barking town centre for residents in this part of Barking Riverside.

No changes were proposed to route EL2.

Route 387 (Little Heath, Haw Bush – Creekmouth, Long Reach Road)

Route 387 runs between Little Heath, Haw Bush and Barking Riverside, Mallards Road.

Two morning journeys on Mondays to Fridays are currently extended to Creekmouth, and two evening journeys start there. As usage is extremely low on these journeys we proposed to withdraw them.


After carefully considering all responses, we have made a decision to go ahead with the extension of route EL1 to the Barking Riverside area from Saturday 7 September 2013. The cost of the extension would be supported initially by funding from the Barking Riverside Development.

We have also decided to withdraw the Creekmouth journeys on route 387 from Saturday 26 October 2013.

Services into all parts of Barking Riverside will remain under review as the area expands.

Further details and a full consultation report that includes our responses to key issues raised can be found below:

When would the proposals be introduced?

We plan on extending route EL1 to Barking Riverside from Saturday 7 September 2013, and withdrawing the Creekmouth journeys on route 387 from Saturday  26 October 2013.

Below is a map showing the EL1 extension:



Key Dates

Status: Closed

Ran from 11 Jun 2013 to 22 Jul 2013

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