Bus Service Proposal: Route S1 (Banstead – Mitcham)

Closed 26 Apr 2013

Opened 22 Mar 2013

Results updated 7 Aug 2013

The consultation ran from 22 March to 26 April 2013. There were 85 responses to the consultation.

There was wide support for the extension to Victoria Road although there was concern about the changes required in Victoria Road for buses to use it for the first time. Following consultation TfL will be extending the route S1 to Victoria Road and Merton Council will begin consultation on the physical changes required in the road and the locations of the new stops.

There was concern about losing the service at bus stop P in Lower Green. The S1 is the only service using this stop. This was proposed to ensure journey time reliability on the whole route with the extension to Victoria Road. This stop is used by elderly people who rely upon public transport. TfL has listened to these concerns and decided it can keep serving the stop with the S1 if the route is diverted away from Commonside West and along Cricket Green/Cranmer Road. The stops in Commonside West are served by other routes. The changes are:

Stop P on Lower Green will be for boarding the S1 (as now)

Stop M on London Road will be for alighting the S1

Two pairs of stops on Commonside West will no longer be served by the S1 but will still be served by the 270 and 355

As Merton Council now needs to consult on the physical changes to Victoria Road before the changes to the route S1 can begin, the extension to Victoria Road will not start until March 2014. However, TfL is working with Merton Council to see if the changes can be brought in earlier.

There was wide support for the increase in frequency of buses and so it will be increased from 3 to 4 buses per hour from November this year. The route will continue to be served by single-deck buses and new buses will be introduced from November this year.

The full report and our response to issues raised can be found below.



The London bus network is kept under regular review. As part of this, we develop proposals for changes to services.


Why we consulted

We proposed changes to route S1 and asked for your views. Our review took account of passenger usage, reliability data, timetables, vehicle type, area served and feedback received.

Route S1 runs between Banstead and Mitcham via Sutton and St Helier at 3 buses per hour Monday to Saturday and 2 buses per hour Sundays and all evenings. At the Mitcham end it runs from Fair Green via London Road to Lower Green (the Cricket Green). On weekdays an additional journey runs from Banstead to Mitcham in the morning and back in the afternoon. Single deck buses are used with capacity for 50 passengers.

We have been working with Merton Council to develop a bus service for the Lavender Fields area, which is between Mitcham and Tooting. Although there is a very high frequency service along London Road (by Figge’s Marsh) around 730 homes are more than 400 metres from London Road. Discussions have been held with the Council and other stakeholders about options to improve access.

A number of possibilities have been considered including changes to a range of existing routes. Taking route S1 into the area is considered the most feasible means of improving access to the bus network.

We therefore proposed to:

  • withdraw the section from Fair Green to Lower Green (the Cricket Green)
  • instead run from Fair Green to Victoria Road (for Lavender Fields) via Holborn Way and London Road


We also proposed to increase the frequency of buses from 3 to 4 per hour and 2 to 3 per hour in the evening/Sundays. The current extra peak journeys would then no longer be needed.

The S1 route would continue to be served by single-deck buses.

There will still be a very high frequency of other buses serving the stops from Fair Green to Lower Green.

We proposed to introduce this change on 30 November 2013 subject to the outcome of this consultation and completion by Merton Council of works in Victoria Road to support the service, including accessible bus stops. (These will be the subject of a separate consultation by the Council).

Two maps are attached showing:



  • Merton
  • Sutton


  • Stakeholders


  • Bus route S1