Mitcham Town Centre

Closes 31 Aug 2018

Opened 25 Jul 2016


The London Borough of Merton will be continuing with the highway improvement works in central Mitcham, by introducing a new road through the Fair Green with further alterations to the surrounding road and main junctions. The project at the heart of Mitcham, aims to improve bus accessibility to the town centre whilst making pedestrian and cyclist movements around the area easier and accessible.

This will contribute to a revival of the shops and market, making the town a more attractive, pleasant, safe and convenient place to be. Merton council have carried out a number of consultations on these changes. The results of which can be seen by visiting the Rediscover Mitcham project web page on the Merton Council website.

Whilst construction is underway, we will need to make some interim changes to the bus network. Works will be carried out in phases commencing on the 25 July 2016, weather permitting.

Phase 2 - New bus street, London Road – Starts 25 July 2016; ends 30 April 2017

Phase 3 - London Road / Raleigh Gardens – Starts 25 July 2016; ends 28 February 2017

Phase 4 - Holborn Way / London Road – Starts 2 January 2017; ends 30 September 2017

Phase 5 - Raleigh Gardens / Western Road – Starts 1 August 2017; ends 31 January 2018

The map below shows the temporary arrangements for routes 200 and 152 whilst the construction works are progressing.

A map showing the bus stop layouts in Mitcham during construction work

Once the construction work is completed in early 2018 we will be able to introduce the new bus network for the town centre.  

These changes are outlined below.

A map showing the final bus routes through Mitcham Town Centre on completion of works


A map showing bus stop locations in Mitcham Town Centre upon completion of works

If you have any comments or questions about the changes to the bus services please contact us by:

For full details about the work and final scheme please contact Merton Council via their Discover Mitcham project web page.

For any comments about the construction and the final road scheme, please contact the London Borough of Merton by visiting the Rediscover Mitcham project web page below


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  • Anyone from any background


  • Bus route 118
  • Bus route 127
  • Bus route 152
  • Bus route 200
  • Bus route 201
  • Bus route 264
  • Bus route 270
  • Bus route 280
  • Bus route 355
  • Bus route 655
  • Bus route N133
  • Bus route N44
  • Bus route S1