Bus service proposal: new night bus route N113 and changes to route N13

Closed 23 Dec 2011

Opened 7 Nov 2011

Results updated 1 Jun 2012

In December 2011, Transport for London consulted on proposed changes to route N13, and introduction of new route N113.

The majority of responses to our consultation expressed overall support for the proposal. 

After careful consideration to all responses we plan to go ahead with the changes as proposed.  The change to route N13 and new route N113 will be introduced from 30 June 2012.

Please click here to view a poster publicising the new night route. An email will be sent to Oyster card users who have registered with TfL, and publicity will be displayed at bus stops.

The full report and our response to issues raised can be found below.



The London Bus Network is kept under regular review. As part of this, we develop proposals for changes to services.

Why we consulted

We prorosed the introduction of a new route N113 which would combine with the N13 to provide the existing level of service between Finchley Road (Fortune Green) and Trafalgar Square. The N113 would give a new night service between Brent Cross and Edgware.

New route N113

The new N113 service would run every 30 minutes on all nights between Edgware bus station and Trafalgar Square. It would run along the current 113 routing via Mill Hill, Hendon, Fortune Green and Swiss Cottage to Oxford Street, then via Oxford Street, Regent Street, Haymarket (return Pall Mall, Regent Street) to Trafalgar Square, where it would stand on Great Scotland Yard. Please see the map below.

Existing route N13

Route N13 currently runs between Aldwych and North Finchley every 15 minutes weeknights and every 10 minutes weekend nights. As the proposed route N113 would run along the same roads as the N13 between Fortune Green and Trafalgar Square, we propose reducing the weeknight frequency of the N13 to every 30 minutes and weekend night frequency to every 15 minutes. This would provide sufficient capacity. Night services via North Finchley on routes 134 and N20 would continue unchanged.


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