Bus stop proposal: routes 190, 337, 391 and 419 bus stop H, Richmond Bus Station

Closed 16 Dec 2011

Opened 11 Nov 2011

Results updated 13 Jan 2012

After carefully considering all responses, we plan to go ahead with the proposed changes.They will be introduced from 14 January 2012.

Please click here to view our consultation summary, which includes our response to the main issues raised.



The London Bus Network is kept under regular review. As part of this, we develop proposals for changes to services.

As a result of a recent review of bus stopping arrangements at Richmond Bus Station, Transport for London (TfL) considered a change to the first stops for routes 190, 391 and 419 at Richmond. 


Why we consulted

To provide improved accessibility for passengers, by ensuring that buses are able to pull into the kerb, we proposed that routes 190, 391 and 419 no longer serve Stop H.  Instead the first stop on these three routes would be Stop B on George Street, which is approximately 270 metres away from stop H.  These routes already serve Stop B. About 290 passengers per day board the three routes at Stop H.

No changes were proposed to route 337 which would continue to serve Stop H in the bus station. This maintains the interchange between buses from north of Richmond and route 337 towards Clapham Junction.

Please see the map below. The last stop for all four routes travelling towards the bus station would remain unchanged. 



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