Bus service proposal: Route 112

Closed 23 Nov 2016

Opened 12 Oct 2016


The London bus network is kept under regular review. As part of this, we develop proposals for changes to services.

What are we proposing?

Route 112 runs between Ealing Broadway, Haven Green and Brent Cross Shopping Centre using single-deck buses.

We are proposing to alter the route between the A406 Hanger Lane and Haven Green so that it runs via Madeley Road, which is not currently served by a bus route. Based on existing conditions, we estimate that routeing the 112 via Madeley Road could reduce journey times by up to 8 minutes in total during peak times compared to the current routeing between Ealing Broadway Station and Hanger Lane. It would also improve reliability across the route.

The proposal would also mean that parts of the North Ealing area north of Madeley Road would have easier access to a bus route.

Following the proposed change, route 112 would no longer serve Hanger Lane (south of Madeley Road), Uxbridge Road, The Mall and The Broadway. These roads would continue to be served by route 483.

Passengers who currently use route 112 to travel to Ealing Broadway town centre or to connect with bus services on Uxbridge Road would have a short walk from Haven Green. However, overall journey times would be the same or quicker than they are at present.

Route 112 would still run at the same frequencies as now, with buses about every 12 minutes during the day on Mondays to Saturdays, every 15 minutes on Sundays and every 20 minutes each evening. There is no night service on this route.

Proposed changes to the junction of Madeley Road and A406 Hanger Lane

At present, the right turn from the A406 Hanger Lane (southbound) into Madeley Road is banned to all traffic. We are proposing to alter this junction to allow local buses only to turn right. This would include making the central island on the A406 to the north of the junction smaller to allow us to introduce a right turn area for one bus at the junction. The island would remain a minimum of 2.5 metres wide, which is sufficient to accommodate pedestrians crossing the A406.

Our traffic network impact analysis indicates that the proposed changes to the junction would have a minimal impact on general traffic journey times through the junction in both directions.

Bus stops
Towards Ealing, route 112 would continue to serve bus stop EQ on Hanger Lane before turning right into Madeley Road and onto Haven Green, where the last stop would be bus stop A. Bus stop ES on Hanger Lane and bus stop K on The Mall would no longer be served by route 112. These stops would continue to be served by route 483.

Towards Brent Cross, the first stop would be bus stop D on Haven Green, before travelling along Madeley Road and turning left onto Hanger Lane and the existing line of route. The 112 would no longer serve bus stop F at Ealing Broadway Station, which would help to ease congestion at this busy stop. Bus stop EM on The Mall and stops EP and ER on Hanger Lane would also no longer be served by route 112. These stops would continue to be served by route 483.

Under the proposal, three bus stops (without shelters) would be required on Madeley Road. The locations we have identified for the stops are as follows:

Towards Ealing Broadway

  • East of the junction with Westbury Road


Towards Brent Cross

  • East of the junction with Westbury Road
  • West of the junction with Hanger Lane

The two new stops towards Brent Cross would require the removal of existing parking bays.

Please see the maps below for more details of the proposed changes to route 112, the new layout of the Madeley Road/A406 junction and the new bus stops on Madeley Road.

Please click here to view larger map (PDF)

Please click here to view larger map (PDF)

Have your say

Please give us your views by completing the online survey below by 23 November 2016.

Subject to the outcome of consultation, we are proposing to implement these changes in spring/summer 2017.

This consultation is part of the process which fulfils the requirement for TfL to consult under Section 183 of the Greater London Authority Act 1999.

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