Bus service proposal: route 152 Mitcham Town Centre

Closed 22 Jul 2011

Opened 8 Jun 2011

Results updated 24 Oct 2011

A copy of our consultation summary is available at the bottom of this paper together with our response to the key issues raised. We have decided not to go ahead with the change at this time, due to the points raised in the consultation response. We will keep the route under close review to ensure it continues to provide the best possible service and will consult again if we have any further plans to alter the 152.



TfL regularly reviews bus services and responds to service suggestions. We were considering a change to route 152 in Mitcham.

Why we were consulting

We had received a suggestion about route 152 route in Mitcham Town Centre, towards New Malden.

To make it quicker for bus users to go through the town, the 152 would turn right from Holborn Way into Western Road. This would be instead of going around the one way system. It would make the route more like the service towards Pollards Hill. Bus stops on Upper Green West and Raleigh Gardens would no longer be served but a new bus stop would be put on Western Road outside Blockbuster and Netto.


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