Proposed changes to route 159

Closed 13 Dec 2013

Opened 13 Nov 2013

Results updated 27 Feb 2014

We received 619 responses to the consultation. After carefully considering all the comments and opinions put to us, we have made a decision.

We plan to go ahead with the changes to route 159. From 29 March buses will run between Streatham and Marble Arch and will no loner serve Paddington or Paddington Basin.

The full report and response to issues raised are attached below.



We want to improve how bus route 159 runs so that the service is more reliable. We proposed to change the Central London terminus on route 159 following a detailed review of the service. Buses will run between Streatham and Marble Arch and no longer serve Paddington or Paddington Basin.

The impact of roadworks and heavy traffic means the route does not run as reliably as we would like. Quite often some journeys are cut short of their final destination and the buses used to prevent long gaps in service on busier parts of the route.

Our proposal will help improve the service for 92% of users on the route. The service would continue to run to the same frequencies as now. Buses run every five to six minutes Monday to Saturday and every twelve minutes on Sundays and all evenings. Buses run every 20 minutes through the night.

The bus stop in North Wharf Road, Paddington Basin will no longer have a bus service to it. Around 1.1% of passengers using this route would need to change buses to continue their journey. The recent improvements to the canal-side station entrance at Paddington (for mainline, Circle and Hammersmith & City line trains) mean there are now more choices of walking route to Paddington Basin some of which are highlighted on the attached map. 

We are not proposing any changes to other bus routes in the area, with all other bus stops continuing to be served. Routes 7 and 23 will continue to provide a 24 hour a day service between the West End and Paddington Station area. Together they offer enough space for all passengers going to or from Paddington. Route 46 and 332 also serve Bishop’s Bridge Road.

We asked for your views on our proposal to change route 159 so that it terminates at Marble Arch. Your comments and suggestions helped inform our final decision making.

Crossrail will serve Paddington from about 2018. We are in the process of reviewing how this and other local developments might impact upon the bus network in the Paddington area.

Please see map for further details.


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