Bus service proposal: route 255

Closed 29 Jul 2011

Opened 9 Jun 2011


The London Bus Network is kept under regular review. As part of this, we develop proposals for changes to services.

Why We Are Consulting

We recently consulted on revised proposals for Old Devonshire Road, following a consultion in 2009 about plans to extend bus route 255 from Streatham Hill to Balham.

The case for the route extension

  • The 255 bus route extension would provide a new bus service for the Weir Road and Hyde Farm areas where there have been longstanding requests for better public transport. 
  • This would provide a 12-minute bus service throughout the day Mondays to Saturdays, every 20 minutes evenings and Sundays.
  • The hours of operation would be from around 05:50 to 00:50.
  • Single-deck buses would be used.
  • The roads used have been chosen to provide good accessibility, to be feasible in traffic terms and to give a reasonably direct journey to Balham or to Streatham Hill.
  • Balham has been chosen as the terminus because it is a significant local centre. We expect many of the trips to be made to and from Balham, for the station and the shops.
  • We estimate that there would be around 1200 new bus trips per day as a result of the route extension.


Revised traffic arrangements in Old Devonshire Road

In our earlier public consultation many respondents supported the introduction of the extended service.  However, some people did not support the introduction of a bus service to Old Devonshire Road we were asked  to consider changing the road layout plan which contained a bus stop and changes to the entry treatment at the junction of Old Devonshire Road and Balham High Road on Transport for London’s road network. We were also asked to consider alternative routes to Old Devonshire Road. Working with Wandsworth Council we have revised the Old Devonshire Road layout plan to:

  • Ensure the ‘entry treatment’ at the junction of Old Devonshire Road and Balham High Road is kept.
  • Relocate the planned Old Devonshire Road bus stop (Streatham direction) to smooth traffic flow into Old Devonshire Road by allowing the timber yard to still load / unload vehicles on the highway
  • Provide a new south side loading bay to replace the existing 3 car parking bay – to provide essential loading as requested in the previous consultation
  • Make parking available after 19:00 on the south side loading bay and after 17:30 on the yellow line


Please click here to view a drawing outlining the above changes.

Please click here to view an overview map of the proposed extension.


What alternative routes have you considered?

We have considered possible alternative routes to Old Devonshire Road.

  • We considered whether the 255 could, after Weir Road run along Cavendish Road to Clapham South instead of along Old Devonshire Road to Balham. However, we consider that Balham will be a significantly more attractive destination for potential users. In addition diverting to Clapham South would further increase the cost of the extension. Taking these factors together and would mean that the extension would no longer be a cost effective use of TfL’s limited resources
  • We also considered whether the 255 could go along other local roads to reach Balham including  Ormeley Road, Ravenswood Road and Dinsmore Road to get from Weir Road to Balham High Road but. Old Devonshire Road is the most suitable considering car parking, road width and other local traffic conditions. It is also the most straightforward route for bus users to take.


Would buses stop on Old Devonshire Road?

There would be one bus stop on Old Devonshire Road, which would serve people going towards Streatham. Passengers wishing to alight from buses travelling towards Balham could use the existing bus stop on Balham High Road. We are also taking into account local loading and parking needs by trying to accommodate the bus service with the minimum effect on existing facilities.

What about the possible effects of traffic noise and vibration?

TfL does not believe a bus service would contribute a significant amount of additional noise and vibration considering other traffic movements in this area. The bus service in London helps reduce reliance on cars and make public transport services available to all, in line with the Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy. TfL is reducing bus noise through engineering and design..

What Happens Next

This consultation is now closed.

We are currently discussing the outcomes of consultation with the London Boroughs of Wandsworth and Lambeth. Our final decision will made available on this page as soon as a decision has been made. A copy of the consutlation report and our response to the main issues raised can be found below.


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