Highgate Village, North Road - 271 bus stand

Closed 20 Mar 2016

Opened 1 Feb 2016

Results updated 11 Feb 2019

On reviewing the costs of a new stand on North Road they were found to be substantially higher than originally foreseen due to local authority requirements. We are therefore working on an alternative scheme which we will be engaging on with customers in the near future once details are finalised.

Results Updated 16 Jul 2018

Thank you to all those who provided views on our proposals.  

We received 260 responses to the consultation. There were 249 responses from members of the public and 11 responses from stakeholders.  

Levels of support or opposition for each section of our proposal were as follows:  

  • 271 to terminate at North Road, rather than the bus stand in Highgate Village: 47% support, 42% opposition
  • Installation of a new mini-roundabout so bus routes 214 and 271 can turn safely on North Road: 43% support, 33% opposition
  • Widening the pavement on North Road and with a new straight ahead crossing: 47% support and 25% opposition

There was clearly a desire amongst the local community to see the bus stand moved from the centre of the village. However, there were also some concerns raised about the extent of our original proposal.

After reviewing comments made during the consultation we revisited the initial proposals, and simplified the design in the following ways, taking into account representations expressed by the public and stakeholders:

  • We will no longer be installing the new mini-roundabout, or associated pavement buildouts on North Road
  • The existing two-lane road layout will remain
  • Instead, we would like to remove the large tree at the corner of Castle Yard and North Road, and raise the existing roundabout
  • Both the 214 and 271 will turn at the Castle Yard roundabout, before going to stand at bus stop ‘Z1’ outside Highgate School
  • We will continue to make the pedestrian crossing outside Highgate School straight across to ensure pedestrians and pupils can safely cross the road
  • We will not now install a bus shelter at bus stop ‘L’
  • The existing bus shelter at bus stop ‘Z1’ will be relocated closer to the stop

In response to concerns that the 271 would no longer stop in Highgate village, we can confirm the arrangements will be:

  • Last stop: ‘Bus Stop L – North Road’
  • Stand and first stop: ‘Bus stop Z1 – Highgate School/Hampstead Lane’
  • Route 271 would also serve: ‘Bus Stop C – South Grove’

Having taken all the responses into account we would like to progress the scheme subject to funding being secured.  

To view our consultation report and responses to issues raised; please click on the link below:

Consultation report (PDF 1.26MB)

Response to issues raised (PDF 256KB)


Update - 16 April 2016

Having taken into account all the comments received during consultation, we have been working with the London Borough of Haringey to explore potential options for the 271 bus stand.  We now aim to release our consultation report, our response to the main issues raised during consultation and our decision as to how we will proceed during summer 2018.

We would like to thank interested parties for their continued patience.

update ends

Update - 4 March -2016

We have extended the end date to Sunday 20 March 2016.

Update ends

The London bus network is kept under regular review. As part of this, we develop proposals for changes to services.

We have been working with local stakeholders to remove the bus stand in the centre of Highgate Village adjacent to South Grove, used by route 271. We are now proposing a number of changes for North Road, which means route 271, could terminate on North Road instead of the current stand.

What are we proposing?

We are proposing a package of changes for North Road, these include:

  • Changing bus stop ‘L’ and ‘Z1’ on North Road to allow the 271 route to terminate on North Road rather than at the bus stand in Highgate Village.
  • Widening the pavement on North Road and realigning the existing pelican crossing. These changes would make it easier for pedestrians to cross the road.
  • Installing a new mini roundabout outside the Red Lion and Sun pub and widening the central reservation. Both the 214 and 271 will turn at this location rather than the mini-roundabout at the junction with Castle Yard.

The map below shows our proposals, and we have included more detail on the impact of these below.

Please click here to view map (PDF)

map of proposed changes to North Road

Relocating the bus stand

Our aim is to make sure bus stops are accessible, ensuring people can board the bus without needing to take a step up or down. Currently the bus stand in the village is not fully accessible. We have looked at improving the existing stand, but there is limited space in this area. However, by extending the existing bus stand on North Road used by route 214 we can create an accessible terminus for the 271. These proposals will not affect the 214.

We are proposing to extend bus stop ‘L’ on North Road, used by routes 143, 214 and 603. This would become the last stop for the 271, and improve bus links for people going on to the other routes. The 271 would then turn at the new mini roundabout and wait at the extended bus stop (‘Z1’) along with the 214. The current 271 bus stand in Highgate Village would no longer be used.

Changes to North Road layout

Our proposals include reducing the number of traffic lanes on North Road from two to one. This gives us an opportunity to widen the pavements and central reservation, and realign the pedestrian crossing so it is straight across. These changes would make it easier for pedestrians to get around, and by planting eight new semi-mature trees we can help create a better sense of place. 

We are also proposing to install a new mini roundabout outside the Red Lion and Sun pub. This not only provides a safer place for the 271 and 214 to turn, but it would help to slow traffic down creating a safer environment for pedestrians and vehicles.

There would be no impact on the number of parking spaces available. While the proposed roundabout would mean two spaces are lost on the northbound side of the road, we are proposing to add two additional echelon parking spaces.

How would the proposals affect other road users?

We have designed these proposals to help calm traffic on North Road. However, our initial research indicates that there will not be any noticeable delays for any users.

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