Bus stand proposal: 21 to 41 Cromwell Road

Closed 9 Sep 2011

Opened 11 Aug 2011


TfL has reviewed bus stand, parking and loading facilities available outside 21-41 Cromwell Road, part of TfL’s road network. We consulted the affected local community on some minor changes to the road layout in advance of making a traffic regulation order. No existing parking and loading facilities would be lost and the loading area and bus stand would increase.

Why we consulted

  • Local requests for a relocation of the route 430 bus stand from Cromwell Place resulted in TfL designing a new bus stand outside the V&A on Cromwell Gardens (https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/buses/route-430)
  • Now that the Cromwell Gardens stand will be going ahead following local consultation, TfL needs to relocate the displaced bus stand facility where relocated 26m coach parking area will be
  • We are therefore proposing to slightly reorganise existing bus stand, parking and loading facilities near 21-41 Cromwell Road. No existing facilities would be lost. The existing loading area and bus stand would increase in size


 Why the Cromwell Road layout scheme is needed:

  • The revised layout would enable us to meet local requests for route 430 and Cromwell Place, while still providing space in the Cromwell Road area to turn buses round ahead of their final destination.
  • Bus stand facilities help to control and regulate bus services in heavy traffic or unexpected disruption. This, in turn, reduces congestion at bus stops and on buses
  • We are planning to increase the existing route 345 bus stand by 13m which will also enable us to retain and improve the other parking and loading facilities on this section.


Please see the current and proposed layout plan below. Our consultaiton summary can be found at the bottom of this page.


  • Kensington & Chelsea


  • Public
  • Stakeholders
  • Local residents
  • Local businesses


  • Bus route 345
  • Bus route 430