Proposed changes to bus routes 384, 292 and 606 in Barnet

Closed 9 Nov 2018

Opened 10 Sep 2018

Results updated 17 Jul 2020

Further to our update of 24 April 2020 regarding proposals for bus routes 384, 292 and 606, we have now produced our report providing TfL’s responses to the key issues and areas of concern raised during the consultation process. You can read/download the report here: 

Routes 384/292/606 response to issues raised (PDF 195KB)  

We would like to thank all those who took the time to participate in the consultation and provide their feedback. We are aware that some residents are disappointed by our decision. We carefully considered the feedback, though the consultation process does only form a part of the overall decision-making process, in which it is not always possible to accommodate requests and suggestions. We hope this report may at least go some way to explaining the rationale for our decision on these particular proposals.

Results Updated 24 Apr 2020

Following the outcome of consultation, we have now reviewed and sought costs for the alternative solutions that were presented to us as part of the feedback. We reviewed the following options:

  • Rerouteing the 384 as proposed between Cockfosters and Victoria Road but then running it via East Barnet Road, Longmore Avenue, Lyonsdown Road and Gloucester Road
  • Running the 384 on the same routeing as now
  • Rerouteing the 384 as consulted on but also rerouteing the 234 from Great North Road via Lyonsdown Road and Gloucester Road  

None of these options provided us with a better or more cost effective use of our resources than the original proposal. Therefore we have decided to implement the changes that were originally consulted on. We have updated our EqIA to better reflect the impact on those people who travel using freedom passes.

Routes 384/292/606 EqIA (PDF 378KB)

Results Updated 20 Feb 2019

We received 1,378 consultation responses (including 18 stakeholder responses). Thank you everyone who responded - we appreciate your patience in waiting for our reply.

From the responses received, we identified the following themes to the proposed changes:


  • The proposals would provide a quicker connection from New Barnet to Edgware via public transport


  • Concerns about older people and less mobile people being able to walk 450+ metres to access the 384 or alternatives
  • Concerns that the backroads of New Barnet would be left unserved by local bus routes
  • Concerns about the appropriateness of roads that would be used by an extended and more direct 384, namely Victoria Road, Salisbury Road, Park Road and Station Road 
  • Concerns that a reduced 292 service would result in a longer journey time and Borehamwood being disadvantaged

We received rich and varied feedback from many local people and key stakeholders throughout the consultation. We are considering and reviewing the proposals again in light of this feedback and we will conclude our findings this Spring. If we develop alternative proposals, these may be subject to further consultation.

Further information can be found in the consultation report below.

Consultation report (PDF 2.16MB)


Currently there is no direct TfL bus service that links one side of Barnet to the other between Barnet Town Centre/Barnet Hospital and Mill Hill/Edgware. However there is local demand for this service.

What are we proposing?

Route 384

i) Extend to Edgware via Mill Hill

We propose to extend route 384 from Barnet, Quinta Drive to Edgware Bus Station.

This would create a new cross-borough bus route between Edgware and Cockfosters via Mill Hill (Apex Corner), High Barnet and New Barnet. It would provide a new direct link to Barnet Hospital and the Jewish Community Secondary School (JCoSS) from Mill Hill and Edgware.

The extension would run to Edgware Bus Station via Quinta Drive, Barnet Road, Barnet Way, Selvage Lane, Hale Lane and Station Road.

ii) Reroute to run more direct on roads in New Barnet

We are also proposing to reroute the 384 in New Barnet so it’s more direct.

Route 384 would run via Salisbury Road, Station Road, Victoria Road, Park Road and Edgeworth Road.

This means route 384 would no longer directly serve Strafford Road, Gloucester Road, Lyonsdown Road, Longmore Road, York Road, East Barnet Road, Brookhill Road, Crescent Road, Castlewood Road and Northfield Road. Residents would remain within 450m of a bus stop on either route 384 or routes 107, 184, 307, 326 or 383. 

A map showing the proposed changes can be found below.

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing.Please download the PDF.

iii) Frequency Changes

As the route 384 extension would provide additional capacity on the busiest sections of routes 292 and 606, these routes would be reduced in frequency. This would help cover the cost of extending route 384.

Overall, more capacity would be created between Barnet, Stirling Corner, Mill Hill and Edgware. Between Stirling Corner and Edgware, a bus would run every 10 minutes during Monday to Saturday daytimes. However there would be less capacity between Stirling Corner and Borehamwood.

Route 292

The frequency of route 292 would reduce from every 15 minutes to every 20 minutes per hour during Monday to Saturday daytimes.

Route 606 (Schooldays only route)

Two trips would be cancelled – one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

  • The second morning trip would be cancelled.
  • On Monday to Thursday afternoons, the last trip would be cancelled.
  • On Friday afternoons, the first trip running between Barnet Church and Queensbury would be cancelled.  

We will keep this service under close review to ensure capacity matches demand, particularly if any school expansions take place over the coming years.

Northbound bus stop at High Barnet Station

We propose to move the northbound bus stop on Barnet Hill, so it’s closer to the southern ramp entrance of High Barnet station. This will make it easier for customers to interchange between the bus and tube.

A map showing the proposed new location can be found below.

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing.Please download the PDF.

Why are we proposing this?

Route 384

Passenger numbers on route 384 are low and the service duplicates route 326 between East Barnet and Barnet Town Centre. Making the route more direct and extending it to Edgware would benefit a larger number of passengers who currently have to change buses to get across the borough.  

The proposed extension would:

  • Provide a new direct link to Barnet Hospital from Edgware and Mill Hill
  • Create new links from Edgware and Mill Hill to Chipping/High Barnet, New Barnet and Cockfosters
  • Create a direct links between Barnet Town Centre, New Barnet, Jewish Community Secondary School (JCoSS) and Cockfosters 
  • Create a more direct and quicker route, particularly across New Barnet  
  • Provide additional capacity at busiest points on routes 107 and 292

How will passengers be affected?

We know that our proposals will impact on passengers. Many will gain opportunities for new direct connections, while others may have a longer walk to the bus stop.

We measure these passenger journeys by looking at trip patterns from Oyster card information alongside other data. The information is used to determine demands and better understand travel habits.

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