Proposed changes to route 414

Closed 20 Nov 2020

Opened 8 Oct 2020


As part of the ongoing work to provide a value for money bus network which matches bus capacity to passenger demand, we are proposing to change route 414 so that it terminates at Marble Arch instead of Maida Hill.

We are proposing this change as there is significant extra bus capacity between Marble Arch and Maida Hill. Route 6 duplicates the section of route 414 between Marble Arch and Maida Hill.

The frequency of routes 414 and 6 is a bus every 7-8 minutes. At the busiest point of the routes, Edgware Road, eight buses per hour are required to meet the current passenger demand. We are providing 15 currently. The number of passengers does not warrant this number of buses. For the number of people traveling through the area only buses every 7-8 minutes are required. Route 6 already runs with buses every 7-8 minutes.

All current journeys taken by passengers on route 414 can be completed by changing buses to route 6.

There will be no changes to the frequency of route 6 or 414.

Please see the map below for details of the proposed changes.

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing.Please download the PDF.

Proposed changes to route 414 map (PDF 145KB)

Depending on the views expressed in this consultation and ensuring suitable infrastructure is in place, we could introduce the change in autumn 2021.

Impact on protected groups

We have undertaken an Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA). The EqIA examines what impact (positive or negative) all of the proposed route changes have on customers with characteristics protected by the Equality Act 2010.

We consider the impacts of bus service change proposals on equality groups throughout the planning process ensuring, where possible, effective mitigations are in place where no viable alternative is available. The EqIA can be found below:

Route 414 Equality Impact Assessment (PDF 554KB)

We would like to hear your view on our EqIA and the mitigations it suggests.  

Have your say

We would like to know what impact the proposed changes may have on your journey.

Please give us your views by completing the online survey below by Friday 20 November 2020.

Alternatively, you can:

You can also request paper copies of plans and a response form, copies in braille, large text or another language by emailing or writing to us.


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