Route 455 Bus Stop Proposal

Closed 30 Sep 2011

Opened 5 Sep 2011


As a result of a local suggestion, Transport for London (TfL) is considering a change to the routes that serve bus stop G in Brighton Road, Croydon.

Why We Are Consulting

  • Route 455 currently serves stop G on its way to Purley, rather than to Croydon, where the other routes from this stop are heading
  • This has caused some confusion and inconvenience for bus users who have got on a 455 expecting it to go to Croydon and have been taken in the opposite direction


We have been asked to consider removing the 455 from this stop so only routes that go towards Croydon serve it, subject to local consultation.

 The nearest alternative bus stop would be L in Warham Road.


What Happens Next

We are currently reviewing comments received.  Our decision will be made available on this webpage once plans are finalised.


  • Croydon
  • Sutton


  • Public
  • Stakeholders
  • Local residents
  • Local businesses
  • Schools
  • London Boroughs


  • Bus route 455