Have your say on proposals to introduce new bus route 456 between Crews Hill and North Middlesex Hospital

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Closes 5 Jan 2020

Our proposals

1. How often do you use bus route W10?
2. How do you think the proposal to replace route W10 with new route 456 would affect your journeys?
3. Do you have any comments on the proposal to introduce fixed stops along new route 456?
4. Please tell us what you think you would use the new bus route 456 service for and how often (e.g. the destination and purpose of your journey).
5. How do you think the proposal for route 456 to turn right from Carterhatch Lane into Willow Road will impact your journey?

(This would be instead of the current W10 route which carries along Carterhatch Lane until the ‘David Lloyd roundabout’ where it turns around and comes back along Carterhatch Lane to then turn left into Willow Road?) Please see attached diagram for details.

6. Do you have any other comments on the proposal to replace W10 with new route 456? Please state which route(s) you are referring to.
7. Do you have any comments on our Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA)?