Bus service proposal: route 491

Closed 15 Jul 2011

Opened 8 Jun 2011

Results updated 9 Feb 2012

Thank you to all who took part in our consultation which took place between 8 June and 15 July 2011. There were 37 responses from individuals and one from a stakeholder. 140 local businesses were sent consultation letters.

Please click here to view the Consultation Report and click here to view our Response to Issues Raised.

Following analysis of the results, it is proposed to amend the scheme so that buses would continue to run in both directions along the section of Innova Way to the west of Solar Way and stop in both directions at the current stop on Innova Way.

In the northbound direction buses would run the length of Innova Way, U-turn at the roundabout at the western end, and left into Solar Way, and left into Mollison Avenue and back on to current line of route. In the southbound direction buses would turn right from Mollison Avenue into Solar Way, right into Innova Way, U-turn at the roundabout at the western end and run the length of Innova Way and right into Mollison Avenue and line of route. See map below.

The current stop on Innova Way would be replaced with a permanent stop. Further discussions would take place with London Borough of Enfield regarding longer term plans to the estate.

We will be implementing this change on 25 February.



The London Bus Network is kept under regular review. As part of this, we develop proposals for changes to services.


We recently reviewed bus route 491 in the Solar Way area and worked with the London Borough of Enfield to review the route that the bus currently takes.

We proposed to re-route the service along Solar Way instead of Mollison Avenue and asked for feedback on our proposals which included the introduction of two new sets of bus stops; one on Innova Way and one along Solar Way. Under this proposal, the bus would not serve the current bus stop on Innova Way.


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