Bus service proposal: routes 76 and N76

Closed 22 Aug 2014

Opened 14 Jul 2014

Results updated 27 Oct 2014

We received 299 responses to the consultation. Of these 96% were in support of the proposed extension to Tottenham Hale. 78% of respondents were in support of our plans to make the route run 24 hours a day (to Tottenham Hale).

We have considered the views put to us in the responses. We plan to go ahead with the changes to routes 76 and N76 as proposed.

You can read the consultation report, which summarises the views of respondents, by clicking here.

Many respondents provided further comments on specific issues related to routes 76 & N76. These views and opinions and our response to them are outlined in the ‘Response to issues raised document’. Which can be found here.

When will the route be extended?

From 8 November buses on route 76 will run between Waterloo and Tottenham Hale station 24 hours a day. Route N76 will no longer run.

The bigger and better bus station at Tottenham Hale will also open from 8 November and will be served by buses on routes 41, 76, 192, 123, 230, W4, N41 and N73. In addition, routes 41 and W4 will serve Broad Lane in both directions from the 8 November.



Transport for London (TfL) regularly reviews the bus network and how it serves the local community.

Over the past two years, works have been underway to reduce the impact traffic has on the lives of many in Tottenham. We’ve improved the look and feel of the area by removing the one-way system, building more pedestrian crossing points and improved the setting for the High Cross monument and planted new trees. We’re also building a bigger and better bus station for Tottenham Hale. The changes mean it is now possible to run a bus service in both directions that serves the High Road and Monument Way.

We want to improve bus connections to and from Tottenham Hale Station and asked for your views about our proposals for routes 76 and N76.

We proposed to extend route 76 to Tottenham Hale Station (currently Waterloo – Tottenham Town Hall) and run it 24 hours a day. The route will serve Monument Way in both directions and will terminate at the bigger and better bus station at Tottenham Hale.

Route N76 will be withdawn and no longer run between Waterloo and Northumberland Park. Route 76 will provide a 24 hour a day link between Central London and Tottenham Hale. Route 341 will continue to provide a 24 hour a day link between Tottenham Town Hall and Northumberland Park.

The service will continue to run at the same frequencies as now. Buses run every 8 minutes during the day Monday to Saturday and about every 12 minutes each evening and Sundays, with buses running every 30 minutes during the night on route N76.


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Extending route 76 to Tottenham Hale will provide the opportunity for new connections to and from Stamford Hill, Dalston, Hoxton, Old Street and the City.



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