Bus service proposal: route 78

Closed 19 Aug 2011

Opened 20 Jul 2011

Results updated 13 Mar 2012

Transport for London consulted stakeholders and the public between 17 July and 19 August 2011 about possible changes to route 78 in the Nunhead area. TfL have now published the results of this consultation and our response to issues raised. TfL has discussed the outcome of the consultation with both Southwark Council and Lewisham Council to ensure they are content with the scheme. We would like to thank those who replied to the consultation. The comments received have helped inform our decision making process.

We are planning to implement this change from 24 March 2012. This allows time for a new schedule to be written and a new bus stop location to be investigated and implemented on Lausanne Road.

Click here to view the consultation report and here to view our response to issues raised.



The London Bus Network is kept under regular review. As part of this, we develop proposals for changes to services.

We proposed a change to route 78 in the Nunhead area. Buses would no longer use Dundas Road or Ansdell Road, but would use Belfort Road and Lausanne Road for the first time. The bus stop on Dundas Road would be closed. However, passengers would be able to board buses at the stand instead. The current bus stand on St. Mary’s Road would continue to be used.

Why make this change

We recently introduced double deck buses to this route to provide additional capacity on this busy service. We are proposing this further change following feedback from the local community and discussions with both Lewisham and Southwark Councils about the roads buses use at the Nunhead terminus.

We have reviewed what alternative options exist for buses terminating at Nunhead, for example; using Gautry Road instead of Lausanne Road, withdrawing the service from Nunhead or extending the service beyond Nunhead

The proposals described above and shown on the attached map, allow buses on route 78 to continue to serve Nunhead, without adding significant distance to the route.


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