Improving route 96

Closed 9 Oct 2017

Opened 15 Sep 2017

Results Updated 11 Dec 2017

We received 107 responses to our consultation. Thank you to everyone who provided their views. We used these to inform our final decisions on the scheme.

Of the 107 responses, 67 per cent supported our proposals to improve route 96. There were 10 per cent of respondents who did not support the proposals while 23 per cent chose not to answer the relevant question.

Further detail on how people responded to the consultation can be found in our consultation report below.

Next steps

Having carefully considered the comments and suggestions put to us, we intend to go ahead with the changes from Saturday 16 December 2017.

Between Dartford, East Hill and Bluewater route 96 initially will run along Park Road, Princes Road, the Fastrack system, Darent Valley Hospital and the Fastrack system.

We will be working with Kent County Council to modify the junction of Gore Road and the Fastrack system to allow route 96 to join the Fastrack system there. When this work is completed (in early 2018) route 96 will run via Watling Street, Gore Road and a shorter section of the Fastrack system, instead of Park Road, Princes Road and a longer section of the Fastrack system.

A number of people queried elements of the proposals. We’ve captured the most common themes put forward and responded to them in our ‘responses to issues raised’ document.

Improving route 96 - Consultation Report (PDF)

Improving route 96 - Responses to Issues Raised (PDF)


We’ve been working with Kent County Council to improve bus services to Darent Valley Hospital, whilst also improving the journey time and reliability of route 96. We are now proposing improvements to route 96 between Dartford and Bluewater shopping centre, and would welcome any comments you may have on the proposals.

Route 96 (Woolwich - Bluewater) 

The route currently runs between Woolwich and Bluewater, serving Plumstead, Welling, Bexleyheath, Crayford and Dartford with buses running non-stop between Dartford and Bluewater.

We’re proposing that buses on route 96 are rerouted along sections of the Fastrack Bus Rapid Transit system. From Dartford town centre, buses would run along East Hill, Park Road and Princes Road to Gore Road. Here they would join the Fastrack system to Darent Valley Hospital and onto Bluewater using the dedicated busways. Buses would only serve stops in Dartford town centre, Darent Valley Hospital and Bluewater.

Changes to route 96

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Rerouting along the Fastrack network will shorten journey times, improve access to Darent Valley Hospital and ensure buses can run reliably, unhindered by the ebb and flow of general traffic to Bluewater, as is the case now.

Serving the hospital creates many new opportunities for people in Welling, Bexleyheath and Crayford to travel directly there.

What is the Fastrack network?

The Fastrack Bus Rapid Transit network uses a combination of measures to provide fast, direct and reliable bus journeys. Buses on three special routes use a series of priority measures to avoid other traffic, with services on the network co-ordinated by Kent County Council.

Have your say

We would like to know what you think about our proposals. Subject to the comments recieved during this consultation and the written agreement from Kent County Council we intend that buses start using the new route from 28 October 2017.

Please give us your views by completing the online survey below by

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You can also request paper copies of all the consultation materials and a response form by emailing, or writing to FREEPOST TFL CONSULTATIONS.



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