Bus service proposal: route B16

Closed 25 Apr 2014

Opened 11 Mar 2014

Results updated 23 May 2014

We received 294 responses to the consultation, 286 from members of the public and eight from local and key stakeholders. After carefully considering all responses, we have made a decision.

We will be progressing with the proposal to restore route B16 to the Tudway Road area and are aiming to introduce the change from Saturday 5 July 2014.  However, this date is subject to works being completed by Berkeley Homes to allow the bus to run along Elford Close, Cambert Way and Ryan Close. The provision of a new stand and bus stops will also be required.

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Route B16 operates between Kidbrooke station and Bexleyheath on all days of the week.

We consulted in June and December 2012 on proposals regarding route B16 arising from the changes to the road network as part of the development of Kidbrooke Village. As a result route B16 was withdrawn from the Tudway Road area in July 2013. However, a turning circle was provided to enable us to keep serving the Moorehead Way area.

Following discussions and a site meeting with Royal Borough of Greenwich and Berkeley Homes we developed a proposal for restoring route B16 to the Tudway Road area. After serving Moorehead Way it is proposed to divert the B16 via Tudway Road to near the junction with Elford Close, close to the southern entrance to Kidbrooke station, where it is proposed to build a new lay-by. Towards Bexleyheath the bus would go via Elford Close, Ryan Close and Tudway Road to Kidbrooke Park Road and then serve Moorehead Way before continuing to Bexleyheath.

As part of this proposal route B16 will no longer serve Henley Cross. However, Kidbrooke station would still be accessible via the proposed Tudway Road terminus.

Implementation of the proposals depends on provision of highway infrastructure changes at Tudway Road and within the Kidbrooke Village development.

This consultation is part of the process which fulfils the requirement for TfL to consult under Section 183 of the Greater London Authority Act 1999.


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