Bus service proposal: Bus routes 100 and 388

Closed 13 Nov 2016

Opened 30 Sep 2016

Results Updated 21 Feb 2017

We received 521 responses to the consultation. 513 responses were from members of the public and eight were from stakeholders. Thanks to all those who provided their views – we appreciate your patience in waiting for our response.

Of the public responses, 36 per cent supported or strongly supported the proposed changes, 8 per cent neither supported nor opposed them, while 45 per cent opposed or strongly opposed them. 1 per cent said they were not sure or didn’t know and 8 per cent did not answer.

After careful consideration of all of the responses, we plan to go ahead with the changes to routes 100 and 388 as proposed, with a new bus stand for route 100 located at the Museum of London on the Rotunda. We plan to implement the changes in April 2017.

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London is growing. By 2021 London’s population is predicted to be over 9 million, with forecasts that there will be around 170,000 new jobs created. Our role is to keep London working and growing and help make life better, so that as our city grows, everyone who lives, works and visits London has the transport they need.

At the same time, like all public authorities we have to make sure that money is being spent in the most efficient and effective way. We regularly review how bus services are used, as part of this we develop proposals for changes to services. We are proposing to make some changes to routes 100 and 388 and would like to hear your views.

Why are we consulting?

Route 100 runs between Wapping and Elephant and Castle, with demand highest between Wapping and the City. It uses single deck buses because of the nature of the roads it uses in Wapping.

Route 388 runs between Stratford City bus sation and Blackfriars station. The busiest point on the route is at Shoreditch High Street towards Stratford in the evening. The route is used less between Liverpool Street and Blackfriars stations.

Having considered the usage patterns for the two routes, we are proposing to extend route 388 to Elephant & Castle using the current route 100 routeing from Wormwood Street (via London Wall, St Paul’s, and Blackfriars Bridge). Under this proposal, the route would no longer serve Bishopsgate (south of Wormwood Street), Threadneedle Street and the eastern end of Queen Victoria Street.

A map showing current and proposed routeings for routes 100 and 388

Please click here to view a larger map of the current routes 100 and 388 (PDF)

Please click here to view a larger map of the proposed changes to routes 100 and 388 (PDF)

At the same time, we would no longer run route 100 between the Museum of London and Elephant & Castle, while making the current diversion of route 100 via London Wall avoiding Liverpool Street bus station permanent.

The main benefits of this proposal include:

  • New links created between Shoreditch/Bethnal Green and Southwark/Elephant & Castle
  • A reduction in resources by better matching capacity with usage, which can be used elsewhere on the network
  • Removal of a bus route from Bank junction. Buses using this junction frequently get delayed due to congestion. The City of London would like to reduce traffic levels at this congestion hotspot which could help to facilitate the improvement of urban realm and the pedestrian environment

As both routes are less busy west of Liverpool Street, only running one of these routes between the City and Blackfriars/Elephant & Castle would still provide enough capacity.

Route 8 will continue to provide a link from Bethnal Green and Shoreditch to the Bank area.

These changes will require a new bus stand for route 100 in the London Wall/Museum of London area, and options are still being considered in partnership with the City of London.

There would no changes to the frequency of either route as a result of the proposed changes.

Other bus route changes in the Liverpool Street area

We are consulting separately on proposals to alter other bus services around Liverpool Street station. Details can be found at www.tfl.gov.uk/liverpool-street-buses.



  • City of London
  • Southwark


  • Anyone from any background


  • Bus route 100
  • Bus route 388