Proposed changes to bus routes 112 and 611

Closed 28 Oct 2019

Opened 11 Sep 2019

Results updated 24 Apr 2020

We recently consulted on proposals for bus services in the Brent Cross, East Finchley and North Finchley areas.  

We proposed to extend route 112 from Brent Cross to North Finchley bus station. As this extended route would broadly parallel the 611 school route, we proposed to withdraw route 611.  

We have now published our Consultation Report, which summarises how we sought views and insights from the areas affected and the responses we received. The report includes our responses to the most common issues raised during the consultation and next steps.  

We received 231 responses to the consultation; 225 were from members of the public and six were from stakeholders.  

Following our analysis and consideration of all the consultation responses, we have decided to proceed with our proposals to extend the 112 route which will be implemented on 29 August 2020. We have also decided to withdraw route 611 at the end of the summer term 2020 but will continue to monitor loadings and impact on routes 112 and 232.  

Our consultation report can be found below.

Routes 112 and 611 consultation report (PDF 617KB) 


The Mayor’s Transport Strategy (MTS) sets out an ambitious target for 80% of trips to be made using sustainable transport by 2026.

This proposal offers a sustainable alternative to using private vehicles on one of London’s busiest roads, the A406 North Circular.

It would also achieve another MTS goal to create quicker, better orbital links to new developments in outer London. 

Over the past ten years, there has been substantial growth on bus route 112. In the last five years, the number of passengers has gone up by 50%.

With development plans at Stonebridge Park, Harrow Road and Brent Cross, passenger numbers are expected to increase further.

What is proposed?

Our proposed changes to routes 112 and 611 are:

i) Extend route 112 to North Finchley bus station
Route 112 currently runs from Ealing Broadway to Brent Cross via Hanger Lane and Stonebridge Park.

We propose to extend route 112 from Brent Cross to North Finchley bus station via Henlys Corner.

This new orbital link would:  

  • Create new connections between outer London town centres and public transport hubs at Ealing Broadway, Brent Cross and North Finchley
  • Create new local links between North Finchley/Finchley High Road to the A406 between Finchley High Road, Henlys Corner and Brent Cross
  • Support the MTS to create better links in outer London and offer a sustainable alternative to using cars on the North Circular A406

The 112 extension would run from Brent Cross via North Circular Road, Henlys Corner, North Circular Road, Finchley High Road to North Finchley bus station.

This would require buses to turn right from Kingsway into High Road. This turn is currently banned, but initial work indicates that a ‘buses only’ right turn should be possible. Detailed work will now be undertaken and the local highway authority, Barnet Council would consult on any changes locally. Otherwise, buses would need to use the gyratory via the main shopping high street.

ii) No longer run school route 611
As the 112 extension would broadly parallel the 611 school route, we would no longer run the 611.

The 611 runs one morning journey from Stonebridge Park station to East Finchley cemetery. Plus one afternoon journey from East Finchley cemetery to Stonebridge Park. There are around 60 trips each way on a double deck bus.   

Just over 90% of passengers use the last/first stop near Bishop Douglass Catholic Secondary School. Students can cross East End Road via a controlled crossing.

The ‘new’ stops on the A406 North Circular would be 5 minutes longer to get to. Both stops have shelters. Bishop Douglass students would need to walk 800m, which would take around nine minutes.

The 112 runs every 10 minutes. The 112 extension would improve access outside of standard opening and closing times for after school and breakfast clubs.

Our analysis shows that only one trip per school day would be broken by withdrawing route 611. This is a passenger using stops on Regents Park Road. 

Maps showing the current and proposed bus routes can be found below.

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing.Please download the PDF.

Current map - routes 112 and 611 (PDF 309KB)

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Proposed map - route 112 (PDF 325KB)

A map showing walking routes to/from schools to the nearest bus stops can also be found below.

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Walking routes - schools to nearest bus stops (PDF 96KB)

Why are we consulting?

The way people travel around London is constantly changing. We need to have a public transport system that adapts to varying demand, while supporting economic growth and allowing Londoners to live, work and enjoy life in the Capital.

Buses play a unique role in the life of London. They are the most accessible form of public transport and they provide the widest and densest network of travel options for distances that are too long to walk or cycle. Good reliable bus services are fundamental to how our customers move around the city.

The bus network is crucial to London’s continued economic and social development, and will be vital in meeting the Mayor’s Transport Strategy target of 80% of journeys being made using sustainable transport options by 2041.

We are proposing to make changes to routes 112 and 611 to improve the areas served.

Impact on protected groups

We have undertaken an Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA). The EqIA examines what impact (positive or negative) all of the proposed route changes have on customers with characteristics protected by the Equality Act 2010.

We consider the impacts of bus service change proposals on equality groups throughout the planning process ensuring, where possible, effective mitigations are in place where no viable alternative is available. The EqIA can be found below.

Routes 112 and 611 Equality Impact Assessment (PDF 336KB)

We would like to hear your view on our EqIA and the mitigations it suggests.  

Have your say

We would like to know what you think about our proposal to change routes 112 and 611. Your comments and suggestions will help inform our final decision making.

Please give us your views by completing the online survey below by Monday 28 October 2019.

Alternatively, you can:

You can also request paper copies of all the consultation materials and a response form by emailing, or writing to FREEPOST TFL CONSULTATIONS.

Depending on the feedback from this consultation, we hope to make these changes in autumn 2019.

This consultation is part of the process which fulfils the requirement for TfL to consult under Section 183 of the Greater London Authority Act 1999.


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  • Ealing


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  • Schools
  • London Boroughs
  • Coach Operators
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  • Transport for London
  • Taxi customers and other stakeholders
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