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Closed 12 Aug 2018

Opened 2 Jul 2018

Results Updated 14 Nov 2018

We received 607 responses to the consultation (including three responses from stakeholders). Thanks to all those who provided their views – we appreciate your patience in waiting for our reply.

Of the 604 public responses, nine per cent supported or strongly supported the proposed changes to route 27, three per cent neither supported nor opposed them, 72 per cent opposed or strongly opposed them, three per cent did not use the route and 13 per cent did not answer.

For the proposed changes to route 440, 14 per cent supported or strongly supported the proposals, 15 per cent neither supported nor opposed them, 14 per cent opposed or strongly opposed them, 43 per cent did not use the route and 14 per cent did not answer.

We have reviewed all of the consultation responses and intend to proceed with the scheme as proposed in early 2019 with one alteration: instead of terminating at Hammersmith Grove, route 27 would terminate at a bus stand on Glenthorne Road currently used by rail replacement buses. The last and first stops would be at this location instead of at Hammersmith Grove. This is because the Hammersmith Grove stand has been removed as part of a local urban realm scheme.

The full consultation report and our responses to issues raised can be found below.

Consultation report (PDF 884KB)


Last year we consulted on proposed changes to a number of bus routes in west London, as part of our plans for the Elizabeth line. Since then we have carried out further work to improve the bus network in the area.

We have now developed a new set of proposals for route 440 that would:

  • provide a new direct bus link between Gunnersbury, Acton and the planned Elizabeth line station at Acton Main Line
  • improve bus links into Chiswick Business Park from South Acton Estate
  • provide a direct link between stops at the northern end of Chiswick Business Park and stops near Gunnersbury station

Our review of bus services serving inner west London also revealed a number of routes that were running with a lot of spare capacity (buses that are not full). We are therefore proposing the following changes to route 27:

  • make route 27 more reliable by terminating it at Hammersmith Grove, which will remove the least-used section of the route (between Hammersmith and Chiswick Business Park)
  • create a short new local link from King Street to Glenthorne Road and Hammersmith Grove
  • turn buses around at Hammersmith Bus Station, removing an under-used section of the route at night between the bus station and Hammersmith Grove (this truncated route would operate as the ‘N27’)

We are also proposing to extend route 440 from Stonebridge Park and Wembley via Harrow Road. Those proposals are being consulted on separately at https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/buses/routes-224-and-440/.   Please note that we are proposing to provide a higher frequency on route 440 as part of these proposals. This would entail the bus running every 12 minutes on weekdays and Saturdays during the day, and every 15 minutes on Sundays during the day and every evening. This is to support the development around Wembley, Park Royal and Acton.

Why are we proposing these changes?

Route 27

We constantly review our bus services to ensure we have enough buses to meet passenger demand. Currently, there is a lot of spare capacity (i.e. buses that are not full) on routes running between Hammersmith and Chiswick.

While route 27 is used by many people in some areas it is not being well used along this stretch, which is not an effective use of our limited resources.

  • Our analysis of the demand for bus services between Turnham Green (on Chiswick High Road) and Chiswick Business Park shows that a maximum of around 16 buses per hour are required. We currently provide 30 buses per hour. Removing route 27 (which accounts for eight buses per hour) would take the total number of buses provided per hour down to 22, more than enough to serve the demand along this corridor
  • Similarly, between Hammersmith and Turnham Green 10 buses per hour are required to serve existing demand at most. We currently provide 22 buses per hour. Removing route 27’s eight buses per hour from this total would take the total number of buses provided per hour down to 14, more than enough to serve the demand along this corridor

It is also very lightly used between Turnham Green Church and Chiswick Business Park.

People who currently use route 27 to travel between Hammersmith, Chiswick High Road  and Chiswick Business Park would still be able to make that journey on one of the following routes:

  • 267
  • 391
  • H91
  • 237

Route N27

Under our proposals – at night only – route 27 would not travel between Hammersmith Bus Station and Hammersmith Grove. It would operate as route N27.

Cutting the route back slightly so that it turns around at the bus station during these hours removes the under-used section along King Street when the shops are closed.

Under the proposals eastbound route N27 services would run every 30 minutes. The first service towards Chalk Farm, Morrisons would depart Hammersmith Bus Station at 00:35 (no later than 00:40). The last service would depart the bus station at 05:15 (no earlier than 05:10).

Westbound N27 services would also run every 30 minutes. The first service towards Hammersmith Bus Station from Chalk Farm, Morrisons would depart at 00:55 (no later than 01:00). The last service would depart Chalk Farm, Morrisons at 05:05 (no earlier than 05:00).

Outside of these hours the service would operate as route 27 and would resume serving the stretch between Hammersmith Bus Station and Hammersmith Grove.

Route 440

Following analysis of the trips that people make in this area we believe the community would be better served by a new and more direct link into the business park from the north. Customers using this more direct route 440 service would benefit from reduced journey times to Acton, Park Royal and the Elizabeth line (when it opens in 2019).

If – following the separate consultation at – https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/buses/routes-224-and-440/ – we decide to extend route 440 from Stonebridge Park to Wembley, customers would also benefit from a direct link to Wembley from Chiswick.

We are proposing to run route 440 through Chiswick Business Park and continue along Oxford Road North / Wellesley Road / Heathfield Terrace before terminating at Turnham Green Church near the local Sainsbury’s.

What are we proposing?

Route 440

Travelling southbound the bus would run – as it does now – along Bollo Lane. Under the proposals, instead of continuing past Weston Road towards Chiswick Park station, it would turn right into Chiswick Business Park. It would then run through the business park – following the same alignment as route 27 – but instead turn right onto Chiswick High Road before turning left onto Oxford Road North. It would then run along Wellesley Road / Heathfield Terrace and around Turnham Green. It would then turn left back on to Chiswick High Road and left again onto Town Hall Avenue to start its northbound journey through the business park (following the above route in reverse). See map below:

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing.Please download the PDF.

Why we are proposing these changes?

  • Turning right into the business park from Bollo Lane means the bus no longer has to go over the level crossing. This should improve the route’s reliability. The level crossing would be highly impactful on the bus when the London Overground’s capacity is increased from a train every 15 minutes to one every 12 minutes from 9 December 2018 to meet growing demand on the rail line
  • The road running through the business park is restricted to buses and cycles only. Route 440’s current route through the Acton Green area is open to all traffic and susceptible to delays and congestion. Running route 440 through the business park should improve its reliability

Some passengers who currently use route 440 in the Acton Green area would have a longer walk to reach the bus (either at Chiswick High Road or north of the Bollo Lane level crossing). Importantly, even in the worst case, this walk would be no more than 600 metres from stops currently served by route 440. In many cases it would be less. For example, Chiswick Medical Centre would be within 300 metres of the route and would continue to be served by route 272. Acton Green and Bedford Park would also continue to be served by routes 94 and E3 meaning no street in the area would be more than 400 metres from the bus network.

Route 27

Under the proposals route 27 buses would no longer travel westbound from Hammersmith Grove. Instead they would terminate at Hammersmith Grove before turning around and travelling eastbound. This would affect around 1,200 passengers a day who currently use route 27 to travel between Gunnersbury / Chiswick Business Park / Chiswick High Road and stops east of Hammersmith bus station.

These passengers would still be able to complete this journey by bus with a single change at Hammersmith bus station onto route 190, 267, 391 or H91. The Hopper fare means this is free of charge.

Alternatively, customers could travel to Gunnersbury station on the District line from Hammersmith station, and change to route 440 there.

How will passengers be affected?

We know that each of our proposals will impact on some passengers. Many will gain new opportunities for direct connections to areas not previously available, while others may have to change buses to complete their journey. The new Hopper fare means there is no longer a financial penalty for changing onto a second bus within an hour.

We measure these passenger journeys by looking at trip patterns from Oyster card information alongside other data. The information is used to determine demands and better understand travel habits.

When would these changes start?

We will review and use the feedback from this consultation to help inform and shape these proposals. We may decide to change our proposals in light of comments or we may decide to go ahead as proposed. However, if we significantly revise our proposals we will run a new consultation to find out what people think.

If we go ahead with these proposals they would be introduced in autumn 2018.

Have your say

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Please give us your views by completing the online survey below by Sunday 12 August 2018.

Alternatively, you can:

You can also request paper copies of all the consultation materials and a response form by emailing consultations@tfl.gov.uk, or writing to FREEPOST TFL CONSULTATIONS.



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