Bus service proposal: routes 621, 636, 637 & 638

Closed 4 Nov 2011

Opened 27 Sep 2011

Results updated 29 Jun 2012

Transport for London (TfL) recently consulted on bus routes 621, 636, 637 and 638, on possible changes to the operation of these routes.

After carefully considering all responses, we have made a decision to go ahead with the proposed changes for routes 621, 636, 637 and 638.

For route 621, the morning journey will depart Lewisham at 07:35 and in the afternoon will depart Crown Woods College at 15:00.

Passengers currently using routes 636 and 637 who travel beyond Grove Park Station can instead use route 638, whilst passengers who currently use the northbound afternoon journey on route 638 from Bromley South to Grove Park can use route 126 or 261 instead. The afternoon journeys on route 638 will depart Kenmal College at 15:00 and 15:05 on all days.

Changes to these routes will be introduced from 4 September for route 621 and 1 September 2012 for routes 636, 637 and 638.

A full consultation summary which includes our response to the main issues raised can be found here:



The London bus network is kept under regular review. As part of this, we develop proposals for changes to services. 

Why we consulted

We developed proposals for routes 621, 636, 637 and 638 and asked for your views.

Route 621 (Lewisham – Crown Woods College)

Route 621 runs on schooldays only between Lewisham and Crown Woods College in Avery Hill.  The route serves the school with two morning and two afternoon journeys There is excess capacity on this route and we consider that one journey in each peak period would be sufficient for demand. 

Therefore we are proposed that on all schooldays that there would be a single journey in each direction. The morning journey would depart from Lewisham at 07:35 and arrive at the school at 08:07. The afternoon journey would depart from the school at 14:55.

Route 636 and 637 (Sidcup, Kemnal College – Bromley South)

Routes 636 and 637 both run on schooldays afternoons only with a single journey each from Kemnal College in Sidcup to Bromley South via Grove Park The services are little used south of Grove Park with a combined total of 12 passengers on both routes Therefore we are proposed to terminate routes 636 and 637 at Grove Park Station instead of Bromley South Station. Passengers boarding at Kemnal College who wish to travel beyond Grove Park can continue to use route 638.

Route 638 (Sidcup, Kemnal College – Coney Hall)

Route 638 runs on schooldays only between Kemnal College in Sidcup and Coney Hall. One afternoon journey also operates northbound from Bromley South to Grove Park. There is sufficient capacity on the section from Bromley South to Grove Park provided by routes 126 and 261 at the time the 638 afternoon journey operates so we proposed to withdraw this journey.


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