Changes to routes N550 and D3

Closed 12 Nov 2017

Opened 2 Oct 2017

Results Updated 9 Jul 2018

Between 2 October and 12 November 2017, we consulted on our proposals to change routes N550 and D3. We received 36 responses to the consultation, of which, the majority supported or partially supported our proposals.

We proposed changes to bus route N550, which runs from Trafalgar Square  to Canning Town bus station and the new routeing on route D3, which runs from Bethnal Green, Bonner Road  to Leamouth, Orchard Place.

Under these proposals we would reroute the N550 to serve London City Island, creating a night-time link to Canning Town.

In addition, the current diversion via the Strand, Fleet Street and Ludgate Hill would become permanent, improving connections between east London and the north side of the Thames.

Earlier this year we rerouted the D3 to provide a day service to London City Island. Our proposal to reroute the N550 means a 24 hour link can be maintained.

The consultation report and are response to issue raised are available below.

Changes to routes N550 & D3 consultation report (PDF 600KB)

Changes to routes N550 & D3 Response to Issues Raised (PDF)


London is growing, with an estimated 10 million people expected to live here by the early 2030s. Transport is an essential part of life in London and we’re investing so that as the city grows, everyone who lives, works or visits London has the transport they need.

London City Island is a new development on the Leamouth Peninsula in Canning Town providing 1,700 new homes as well as offices, shops and leisure facilities. A further 770 homes are planned, further along Orchard Place, to the south towards Trinity Buoy Wharf. Much of this development is located more than a five minute walk away from the bus network.

We’ve worked with the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and the site developer to form plans to bring the bus network within reach of those living and working here. 

Proposals for route N550

Route N550 runs nightly between Trafalgar Square and Canning Town bus station. Buses run every 30 minutes on all nights of the week.

We have developed a proposal for the N550 to serve the new neighbourhood at London City Island and Trinity Buoy Wharf, helping provide connections when access to Canning Town station is restricted.

Proposals to serve London City Island

N550 would be re-routed to serve London City Island via Preston’s Road Roundabout, Preston’s Road, Baffin Way, Blackwall Way, Leamouth Road, Lower Lea Crossing, Orchard Place, Lower Lea Crossing and Leamouth Road to East India Dock Road and would then follow its current route.

Why are we proposing these changes?

Re-routeing the N550 would create a night-time link between this growing neighbourhood at London City Island and Canning Town. During the day residents can access Canning Town via the City Island Bridge, which links the island to the Tube station.

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Other routes serving East India Dock Road

All other day and night routes will continue to serve East India Dock Road and remain unchanged: 15, 108, 115, D6, N15 and N551.


New Routeing in Central London

The N550 has been diverted since January 2017 because of construction work at Blackfriars for the Thames Tideway Tunnel. Buses are running along Fleet Street, the Strand and Ludgate Hill instead of Embankment. These works are expected to continue for a number of years. We therefore  propose to make the current routeing permanent. The proposed new routeing would improve connections to destinations in east London from the north side of the Thames. Passengers who previously used the stops in Embankment and Queen Victoria Street will have a short walk to the nearest bus stop.

Passengers travelling from Trafalgar Square, the Strand and Fleet Street to Aldgate would benefit from an increased service. Routes N15 and N551 provide a combined frequency of eight buses per hour. Rerouteing the N550 would improve the choice for passengers along this section providing a combined 10 buses per hour.

Route D3 - Recent Changes

Route D3 runs daily between Bethnal Green, Bonner Road and Leamouth, Orchard Place. Buses run every 10 minutes during the day Monday to Saturday, every 15 minutes during the day on Sundays and every 20 minutes on all evenings.

Early last year we consulted on proposals to change bus services in the Isle of Dogs area. As part of these changes we proposed that route D3 would be rerouted to serve Leamouth, replacing route 277 east of Canary Wharf. It was also proposed that the D3 would serve Baffin Way and Blackwall Way rather than Aspen Way (as the 277 did) between Canary Wharf and Leamouth.

This new routeing improves east-west connections to / from Leamouth and better serves residents south of Aspen Way.

Route D3 used to run along Clove Crescent and Nutmeg Lane to serve Tower Hamlets Town Hall and terminate at Saffron Avenue. These are all private roads and the owners withdrew permission for buses to access their land. We needed to find a new terminus.

Finding a new terminus gave us the opportunity to re-route the D3 to provide a day service to the London City Island community.

Since April this year the D3 has been re-routed to terminate in Orchard Place. At the same time, the new routeing via Blackwall Way was introduced.

Routeing the D3 to terminate in Orchard Place provides a vital link for the residents, employees and visitors to London City Island. Our proposal to reroute the N550 means a 24 hour link can be maintained.

The D3 previously served Tower Hamlets Town Hall in Saffron Avenue. Routes 15, 115 and DLR are alternative ways of reaching the town hall by public transport.

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