Safer Lorries

Closed 22 Sep 2014

Opened 29 Jul 2014

Results Updated 5 Nov 2014

TfL has now reviewed all of the feedback provided and has written a consultation report.  The report sets out the findings of the consultation in full, with 90 per cent of respondents supporting the plans. Click here for a copy of the report.

After considering the feedback from the consultation, TfL together with London Councils and Heathrow Airport have decided to progress the proposals to the next stage and proceed with Traffic Regulation Orders that would bring this scheme into effect.

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At present, heavy good vehicles (HGVs/lorries) are over represented in fatal collisions involving cyclists and pedestrians.  In 2013, HGVs were involved in nine out of fourteen incidents leading to cyclist fatalities.

The Mayor has requested that we look at ways in which we can make lorries safer.  This will in turn help to address safety for cyclists and pedestrians.

Earlier this year we undertook a feasibility study (click here to read the study) to consider the various ways of improving lorry safety in London.

The proposals

At present, UK law requires most HGVs to be fitted with side guards and extended view mirrors. Side guards are intended to reduce injury severity by preventing pedestrians and cyclists from being run-over by the vehicle’s wheels should the side of the vehicle come into contact with them. Extended view mirrors are designed to prevent collisions from occurring by improving the drivers’ field of view and reducing blind spots.

However, certain HGVs, including construction vehicles are currently exempt from national regulations requiring side guards. Older HGVs are currently exempt from national regualtions requiring mirrors. 

Transport for London (TfL) and London Councils have proposed to prohibit HGVs over 3.5 tonnes that are not fitted with the required safety equipment from driving in London.  This safety equipment is:

  • Side guards
  • Class V mirrors
  • Class VI


*NB – The proposed scheme intends to allow a number of exemptions as outlined in Appendix A. (Click here for Appendix A)

We estimate that if the ban were to be introduced, between 3-7 cyclist and pedestrian fatalities would be prevented in a 5 year period.  In addition, between 1-5 serious cyclist and pedestrian casualties would be prevented.

Where and when would the ban be imposed?

We propose that the ban would be across London within the same area as the London Low Emission Zone.  This broadly covers the Greater London Authority Boundary. For a map of this area click here

The ban would apply to all roads within the zone apart from motorways.  The ban is proposed to commence in early 2015 and operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How will the ban be enforced?

The ban will be initially enforced through a criminal process.

There is the potential to move to a civil enforcement process which would mean that enforcement is carried out by civil enforcement officers and CCTV cameras (subject to approval by the Department for Transport).

Please refer to section 10 of our supplementary information (click here) for further information.

Complying with the Safer Lorries Scheme

Vehicles that are currently exempt from national legislation for minimum safety equipment can be retrofitted to comply with the requirements of the Safer Lorries Scheme.

Side guards can be fitted from approximately £500 and extended view mirrors can be fitted for approximately £300 per mirror.

Next steps

TfL and London Councils will need to prepare a Traffic Order Regulation (TRO).  This is the legal process required to enable the implementation of the Safer Lorries Scheme.

We will be legally required to undertake a statutory consultation on the draft TRO.

Useful documents

SLS Feasibility Study

Supplementary Information

Impact Assessment

Appendix A



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