South Newham Bus Changes

Closed 8 Mar 2020

Opened 20 Jan 2020


The Royal Docks area in south Newham is undergoing considerable changes. New housing developments, new employment opportunities, the opening of the Elizabeth line and other factors have led and will lead to changes in the way people travel by bus. To understand how the bus network might respond to these changes, we have undertaken a review of bus services in south Newham which has identified possible changes to some bus routes.

The review, which also proposes increasing the frequency of route 376, can be found here.

We are proposing changes to bus routes 101, 241, 262 and 325 and are keen to hear your views on how these changes could impact on you. 

The closing date for comments is Sunday 8 March 2020.

What is proposed and why?

Routes 101 and 262   

It is proposed to:  

  • Curtail route 101 at Beckton Bus Station instead of Gallions Reach Shopping Park. It would continue to operate between Wanstead and Beckton Bus Station as frequently as every 12 minutes
  • Curtail route 262 at Beckton Bus Station instead of East Beckton Sainsbury’s. It would continue to operate between Stratford and Beckton Bus Station as frequently as every 11 minutes

No changes would be made to route 366 which will continue to link Beckton Bus Station with Gallions Reach Shopping Park as frequently as every 10 minutes. It will therefore be possible to change from routes 101 and 262 onto route 366 at Beckton Bus Station to continue your journey.  

To help passengers make changes as part of their journey, the Mayor introduced the Hopper fare in 2016. This has already helped millions of passengers make affordable bus journeys across London. The Hopper fare allows passengers to make multiple journeys within one hour at no extra cost.

The Gallions Reach area is served by routes 101, 262 and 366 (and route 325 at the northern end). These three routes provide up to 22 buses per hour. However, demand for buses in this area has gone down significantly, probably due to changing shopping habits. Only four buses per hour are required to meet demand at the busiest time.

Curtailing routes 101 and 262 while retaining route 366 will better match capacity with demand, allowing the resources saved to be used where demand is growing elsewhere on the network.

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing.Please download the PDF.

Proposed changes to routes 101 and 262 (PDF 120KB)

Route 241 

It is proposed to:

  • Extend route 241 from Custom House to Royal Wharf via Connaught Bridge and North Woolwich Road, increasing its frequency from every 20 minutes to every 15 minutes during Sunday shopping hours and all evenings   

The North Woolwich Road is undergoing significant change. Developments like Royal Wharf and future developments like Knights Road and Silvertown Quays are providing thousands of new housing and job opportunities. This means more demand for bus services in the area. 

Following the previous Elizabeth Line bus consultation it was decided that route 241 be withdrawn between Canning Town (Hermit Road) and Custom House station and replaced by route 474 instead. This scheme is awaiting the Elizabeth Line opening before being implemented.
Extending the 241 to Royal Wharf will provide additional bus capacity to a growing part of the Royal Docks and provide new links to such destinations as the Elizabeth line and Plaistow.
As part of the Royal Wharf planning application, the developers agreed to design the development to allow bus access including a bus stand on Royal Crest Avenue. This would need to be delivered by the developer if the proposal goes ahead.

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing.Please download the PDF.

Proposed changes to route 241 (PDF 151KB) 
Route 325 

It is proposed to:

  • Extend route 325 from Prince Regent DLR Station to Royal Albert Dock (RAD), increasing its frequency from every 12 minutes to every 10 minutes Monday to Saturday daytimes, and from every 20 minutes to every 15 minutes during Sunday shopping hours and all evenings
  • Initially, the 325 would use the temporary routeing of Victoria Dock Road, Royal Albert Way and Beckton Park roundabout to a new stand within the RAD development until phase three of the development, when the western access from Lascars Avenue is completed. At that time, it would enter via Royal Albert roundabout and also serve Newham Council’s offices

The developer ABP is building a large new office development called Royal Albert Dock over several phases. Once complete, an estimated 13,000 people will work there. Together with the adjacent Newham Council offices and University of East London, it will become a major employment centre.
As part of the planning application, the developers agreed to make provision for bus services including a bus stand. This provision will be necessary if the proposal goes ahead.  

As well as the proposed enhancements to the 325 it is also intended to increase the frequency of the 376. We will increase the frequency on route 376 from every 15 minutes to every 12 minutes, Monday to Saturday daytimes. It is expected that further bus improvements will be required as the development completes and more people work there.  

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Proposed changes to route 325 - initial development phases (PDF 134KB)

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing.Please download the PDF.

Proposed changes to route 325 - later development phases (PDF 135KB)

How will passengers be affected?

Passengers are expected to be benefit from the proposed changes to routes 241 and 325 as they will provide additional capacity, frequency and new direct travel opportunities.

Existing users of routes 101 and 262 will be required to change buses to complete their journey should the proposals be implemented. Interchange will be possible at a number of locations, but it is assumed it will mainly occur at Beckton bus station which has good facilities for passengers.

We would like to better understand the implications for passengers of these changes.

Impact on protected groups

We have undertaken an Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA). The EqIA can be found below.

South Newham Bus Changes EqIA (PDF 872KB)

We would particularly encourage feedback on the proposals in terms of equalities issues and how any impacts could be reduced. We would like to hear your view on our EqIA and the mitigations it suggests.

Have your say

The purpose of the consultation is to identify the issues related to these bus service changes and to understand these issues as fully as possible.  

We would therefore like to know what you think about our proposals for bus changes in south Newham. Your comments and suggestions will help inform our final decision.  

Please give us your views by completing the online survey below by Sunday 8 March 2020.

Alternatively, you can:

You can also request paper copies of all the consultation materials and a response form by emailing, or writing to FREEPOST TFL CONSULTATIONS.

This consultation is part of the process which fulfils the requirement for TfL to consult under Section 183 of the Greater London Authority Act 1999.


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