Walthamstow gyratory bus changes

Closed 3 Aug 2018

Opened 22 Jun 2018

Results Updated 13 Dec 2018

Following the consultation, from Saturday 15 December 2018 we are permanently re-routing bus routes 97 and 357 directly via Hoe Street in both directions. They will no longer serve Walthamstow Bus Station or stop AP in Selborne Road outside Walthamstow Central station.

The nearest alternative bus stops will be new stops in Hoe Street, on the rail bridge, approximately 100-170 metres from the rail station and bus station.

We will also remove bus stop AP in Selborne Road, which is served by a number of other bus routes. However this will now take place some time in early 2019, later than planned. While this stop will normally remain open until then, we may need to close it temporarily at times while works take place.

Results Updated 22 Nov 2018

544 people responded to the consultation with 53% of respondents in favour of removing bus stop AP, with 34 per cent opposing. 52% of respondents favoured proposals to relocate the north and southbound 97 and 357 from the bus station to Hoe Street, with 37% opposing.

After considering all responses, we plan to proceed with the scheme as proposed with the changes due to be implemented in December 2018.

The consultation report and response to issues raised document can be found below.

Consultation report (PDF 685KB)

Response to issues raised (PDF 311KB)


Transport for London keep the London bus network under regular review, in order to provide the best service possible for customers in the most cost effective way.

We are planning some changes to bus routes in Walthamstow. These changes are planned to ensure buses run reliably and give customers a better experience.

Each weekday, around 49,000 bus passengers travel across the Hoe Street / Selborne Road junction. As a busy transport interchange and a main access point to the shopping area, we want to ensure that the changes to the town centre have a positive impact for bus passengers.

What are we proposing?

There are 14 bus routes – routes 20, 34, 48, 69, 97, 212, 215, 230. 257, 275, 357, W12, W15 and W19, plus school route 675 and three night bus services N26, N38 and N73 – which serve Walthamstow bus station via Hoe Street and Selborne Road. These routes stop at bus stop AP outside Walthamstow Central station on Selborne Road to allow passengers off the bus.

However, the large numbers of buses combined with general traffic have led to concerns over queuing and wait times between the Hoe Street/Selborne Road and Walthamstow bus station junctions, as well as safety concerns about passengers exiting buses prematurely at the bus station junction. 

We are proposing to remove bus stop AP outside Walthamstow Central station on Selborne Road. Buses that currently use bus stop AP would instead run directly into Walthamstow bus station to set down and pick up passengers, except for routes 97 and 357, which would no longer run into Selborne Road and the bus station, instead running directly via Hoe Street in both directions, stopping instead at a new pair of stops on Hoe Street. This will help reduce delay between the Hoe Street/Selborne Walk and Walthamstow bus station junctions. These two routes would no longer serve Selborne Road or Walthamstow bus station

These changes should lead to a reduction in bus journey times in most cases, and the total journey time savings in each direction will lead to a more direct and reliable service. The re-routed 97 and 357 services should experience significant journey time savings each way during peak times. However, passengers using routes 97 and 357 to travel to Walthamstow bus station and Underground/Overground services at Walthamstow Central would have an additional walk of around 150 metres from the new bus stops.

A map showing the proposed changes can be found below.

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