A312 Uxbridge Road / A314 Hounslow Road Junction Improvements

Closed 18 Feb 2011

Opened 27 Jan 2011


Transport for London (TfL) is proposing improvements to the above junction. These are described in more detail below.

This is a busy junction that often suffers from congestion due to narrow road widths on the approaches. In order to reduce congestion this improvement scheme will widen two of the approaches and as a result provide additional queuing space for vehicles. These two approaches to the junction are the A312 Uxbridge Road and A314 Hounslow Road southern arm.

The A312 and A314 are also important routes for cyclists travelling to local destinations and further afield. Cyclists have often been observed to travel along the footways when passing through this junction rather than the roads as is usually expected.

In order to better accommodate this movement two existing crossing areas will be widened so that there is more space for both pedestrians and cyclists to safely cross the road at the same time.

These two crossings are those on the A312 Hampton Road West and the A314 Hounslow Road (north) arms of the junction. Signs will also be provided to inform both cyclists and pedestrians of the areas where they are permitted to use the footway together.

These improvements have been developed following detailed study of the junction and consultation with key stakeholders including the London Borough of Hounslow.

It is anticipated that these improvements will be implemented in 2011.


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