Bus service proposal: Harrow Town Centre

Closed 10 Sep 2010

Opened 23 Jul 2010


The London bus network is kept under regular review. As part of this, we develop proposals for changes to services.

Why We Are Consulting

We have developed proposals to simplify bus services in Harrow town centre so that buses travel along the same roads in both directions.

  • Currently, buses on routes 140, 182, 186, 258 and 340 only serve Station Road when they are travelling north towards Harrow Weald and Brent Cross. We are proposing to reroute buses travelling south on these routes so that they also serve Station Road. The routes would no longer serve Greenhill Way, Headstone Road or Kymberley Road
  • Currently, buses on routes 114 and 183 only serve Gayton Road when they are going west towards Harrow.
    We are proposing to reroute eastbound buses on these routes so that they also serve Gayton Road
    The routes would no longer serve Station Road and the northern section of Sheepcote Road
  • New bus stops would be installed on Station Road and Gayton Road see map for details)
  • There would be no changes to other local bus services as part of this scheme

What Happens Next

This consultation is now closed.

Following consultation and discussions with Harrow Council officers, we now plan to divert routes 140, 186, 258 and 340 but we will retain route 182 along Greenhill Way southbound and additionally for it to serve Greenhill Way northbound.

For routes 114 and 183 the original plan to use Gayton Road both ways is still preferred but given Harrow’s concerns, they will remain on previous routeings for the time being. Diverting westbound along Sheepcote Road would add about one minute journey time for about 3300 through passengers per weekday to Harrow Bus Station and beyond. Buses would continue to serve Sheepcote Road eastbound and to serve the stop at the northern end of Station Road in the town centre. Surveys have been carried out at stop M and it is considered that the stop could cope with extra routes, as most usage in there is dominated by other stops. The situation will be reviewed again in about a year.

Route H9 and H10 will be diverted away from the west section of Kenton Road onto Gayton Road. This routeing will give additional links to Harrow High School and the area around Gayton Road. The only stops no longer served, on Peterborough Road, are use by 32 passengers per day on there routes and are about 150m from the nearest alternative.

Routes N18 and 640 were not included in the consultation. It is proposed to divert the N18 two-way along Station Road. It would route it away from its primary parallel (route 182) for one stop but Station Road is the centre of activity in area. Route 640 will follow the same alignment as Route 140 and also run on Station Road in both directions.

These changes will come into affect from Saturday 26 March 2011.

Map showing revised stopping arrangements in Harrow Town Centre

A copy of our consultation summary and response to issues raised can be found at the bottom of this page.


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