Bus Service proposal: route 105

Closed 21 Apr 2011

Opened 15 Mar 2011


The London Bus Network is kept under regular review. As part of this, we develop proposals for changes to services.

Why we are consulting

Route 105 is a 24-hour service between Heathrow Central and Greenford Station via Harlington Corner, Cranford, Southall and Greenford town centre. We propose that it should run direct between Heathrow Central and Harlington Corner, no longer stopping at the Compass Centre. The roads used in this area would be the same as route 140. Please see the below map.

This would provide a quicker journey to and from the Central Terminal Area for around 1600 passengers per weekday. There are approximately 500 passengers per day who use the stops which would be omitted. Of these, about 180 are travelling between these stops and the Central Terminal Area and could use route U3 from Bath Road. A further 170 are travelling to or from points further along the Bath Road and could use routes 81 or 423. The remaining 150 trips are to or from other places on route 105. These journeys will remain possible by interchange between routes 81 or 423 and route 105 at stops on the Bath Road. These stops on routes 423 and U3 are included in the Heathrow free fares zone.

Night route N9 will continue to serve stops BZ and BU near the Compass Centre, linking with the Central Terminal area.

All the alternative routes serve stops on Bath Road which are accessible from the Compass Centre. Route U3 runs every 12 minutes (every 20 minutes during the evening and on Sundays). Route 81 runs every 12 minutes (every 20 minutes during the evening and on Sundays). Route 423 runs every 20 minutes (every 30 minutes during the evening and on Sundays).

Depending on views expressed during this consultation, we propose that this change would be introduced on 2 July 2011.

What happens next

This consultation is now closed.

We are currently reviewing comments received. Our decision will be made available on this webpage once plans are finalised.

All feedback is considered during the decision-making process. Final plans also take account of other relevant factors including financial, legal, safety and technical issues. Some decisions, such as highway changes, also depend on decisions made by London boroughs.


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