Bus service proposal: route N171

Closed 6 Aug 2010

Opened 25 Jun 2010

Results updated 19 Apr 2011

After considering the responses to the consultation we are able to inform people that we are going to re-route the service from 30 April 2011.

The majority of responses were in favour of our proposals, including the local authority. However we did receive some suggestions to use Brownhill Road instead of Sangley and Sandhurst Roads. We considered this route but forecast lower passengers numbers if the bus took this route which would mean the change could not be justified due to cost.



The London bus network is kept under regular review. As part of this, we develop proposals for changes to services.

Why your views matter

We have developed proposals to re-route night bus N171 to Hither Green train station.

The N171 used to serve the train station, but was changed in 2006 to mirror the day 171 service to Bellingham.

Following requests from the public and local stakeholders, we propose to reintroduce the service to Hither Green station.

This would mean that the route would no longer serve Bromley Road. However, this area is served by two other night bus services, routes N47 and N136. 

New route

The proposed new section of the route is Sangley Road, Sandhurst Road, Torridon Road, Hither Green Lane, Duncrievie Road and Springbank Road to stand; returning Torridon Road, Sandhurst Road and Sangley Road.

The new route would be the same as day route 181 between Catford and Hither Green.

We are proposing to introduce the change in April 2011.


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