Bus service proposal: route S3

Closed 19 Mar 2010

Opened 5 Feb 2010


The London bus network is kept under regular review. As part of this, we develop proposals for changes to services.

Why We Are Consulting

We have developed proposals for route S3 and would like to hear your views on a possible change to the S3 bus route in North Cheam.

We have been working with Sutton Council to examine ways to improve public transport to the Kimpton Industrial Park.

Proposed changes

We are proposing to change the S3 so that it goes along Kimpton Road, Wealdstone Road and Tesco access road, instead of Gander Green Lane and Oldfields Road (A217).

The new service would go along Kimpton Road, Wealdstone Road and Tesco access road to better serve Kimpton Industrial Park.

The width restrictions for general traffic on Kimpton Road would be kept and in order to allow access for buses, the gate would be replaced by a rising bollard which lowers for buses.

Known effects

  • The S3 would serve Kimpton Road for the first time, with single deck buses
  • New Kimpton Road bus stops would replace the S3 Gander Green Lane hail and ride section
  • Bus users could find it easier to get to Tesco and the Industrial Park

What Happens Next

This consultation is now closed.

We are currently consulting on revised plans. Please click here to view these and have your say.


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