TLRN Traffic Signal Removal Programme - Barnet - 30/131

Closed 30 Sep 2011

Opened 11 Feb 2011


Transport for London (TfL) undertook a trial removal and a consultation on the proposed permanent removal of traffic signals located at Stirling Corner, to determine whethertheir removal would have any effect on traffic or pedestrian flows and onsafety in the local area.

The site is located on the A1 Stirling Corner Roundabout operating as part time signals controlling the A1 Barnet Way northbound and Barnet Road arms. The signals operate from 3.30pm to 6.30pm Monday to Friday. Surveys suggested that they may have providedlimited benefit due to their part time operation, and that greater benefits to road users couldbe provided were they to be removed.

Traffic Signal Site Information

The Scheme is located on the A1 Stirling Corner Roundabout, please refer to the location plan and map below.

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Consultation and trial period

A trial switch off took place from 21 March 2011 for a period of threemonths. Local and strategic stakeholders were invited to participate in the consultation. After this initial three-month period, additional stakeholder feedback prompted a decision to extend the trial by a further three months, to obtain more detailed traffic flow data and to ensure all views could receive full consideration.

Our decision

TfL has concluded that the signals at this location should not be removed, and that they should return to part-time operation. This will take place shortly. Full details of the findings from the trial and consultation are contained in the Consultation Report.


  • Barnet


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  • Local residents
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