TLRN Signal Removal Programme - Brent - 28/113

Closed 15 Mar 2011

Opened 11 Feb 2011


Transport for London (TfL) undertook a consultation on the proposed removal of traffic signals located on the A406 North Circular Road at Fleetway Business Centre.The site was selected due to exceptionally low demand and failure to conform to Department for Transport regulations.

Traffic Signal Site Information

The signals are located on the A406 North Circular Road. Please refer to the location plan and map below.

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Local and strategic stakeholders were invited to participate in the consultation, which took place between 11 February and 15 March 2011. Following the consultation, TfL proposed that the signals at Fleetway Business Park should be removed. However, TfL postponed works in response to Brent Council’s notification of a hearing of evidence presented by the local business community.  A report and recommendations were subsequently submitted to TfL by the London Borough of Brent Highways Committee.

Our decision

Having given full consideration to the feedback provided by respondents and to the site observations made, we can confirm that we maintain our original decision and that the signals will be removed without delay to conform with legal requirements and promote safer road practice. This will take place within the next few weeks. Full details of the findings from the trial and consultation are contained in the Consultation Report.


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