TLRN Traffic Signal Removal Programme - Kensington & Chelsea - 12/169

Closed 14 Dec 2011

Opened 11 Feb 2011


Transport for London (TfL) are consulting on the potential removal of five traffic signal sites on the TfL Road Network (TLRN) and trialling the removal of two sites to see if their removal would have any affect on traffic or pedestrian flows and safety in the local area.

The site below is one of the trial sites. 

A40/A3220 Elevated Section Roundabout - 12/169

The elevated roundabout is located at the junction of the A3220 West Cross Route and the A40 Westway. The traffic signals were switched on in 2008 as a contingency measure, in anticipation of increased levels of traffic. However, recent surveys and prevailing traffic conditions suggest the signals are not necessary and benefit would be derived by their removal. This was to be determined by a trial switch off taking place from 1 March 2011 for a period of 9 months.

The trial removal is now deemed to be complete. Although the results of this trial suggest that this particular site is suitable for removal, it has also been identified as a key site that is likely to experience increased traffic volumes during the Olympic and Paralympics Games in the summer of 2012. Therefore, Transport for London have decided to retain the signals until after the Games period. This operational decision will enable our real-time traffic control centre to proactively manage traffic on this key route which will see very different traffic flow behaviour during the Games period.

It is for this reason that the signals are to be retained.  The site will be reassessed as a possible candidate for removal after the Games period when traffic levels have returned to normal.  The orange bags will be removed from the signals and they will be returned to their former operation in the near future.

Traffic Signal Site Information

The site is located on the A3220 elevated northern roundabout in the RB of Kensington and Chelsea. Please refer to the location plan and map below.

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What Happens Next

We are currently reviewing comments received. Our decision will be made available on this webpage once plans are finalised.


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