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  • South Newham Bus Changes

    The Royal Docks area in south Newham is undergoing considerable changes. New housing developments, new employment opportunities, the opening of the Elizabeth line and other factors have led and will lead to changes in the way people travel by bus. To understand how the bus network might... More
    Closes 8 March 2020
  • Route W19: Re-routing and evening extension beyond Walthamstow

    Bus route W19 currently operates between Ilford and Argall Avenue in Walthamstow. Between South Access Road and Argall Avenue, it operates via the gated Council depot. The depot closes around 20:00 requiring route W19 to terminate at South Grove in Walthamstow town centre in the evening.... More
    Closes 8 March 2020
  • Fixed Bus Stops for Longlands Road, Sidcup

    The Longlands Road section of bus route 233 currently operates on a ‘hail and ride’ basis. In order to improve customer safety and bus service reliability, we propose to replace this arrangement with fixed bus stops, as are used on the rest of the route. What are we proposing? ... More
    Closes 9 March 2020
  • Have your say on proposed changes along the A202 (Peckham High Street) between the junctions with Basing Court and Mission Place

    We would like to know your views on our proposals along the A202 (Peckham High Street) between the junctions with Basing Court and Mission Place. The proposals aim to address identified safety issues, while providing a safer and more pleasant environment for those walking, cycling and using... More
    Closes 12 March 2020
  • A316 London Road Roundabout

    Update 21 February 2020 Based on stakeholder feedback the web page has been updated to clarify that the published plans and modelling shared includes full signalisation of the roundabout. Through full signalisation we will achieve the proposed bus journey time savings by improving... More
    Closes 19 March 2020
  • A23 Streatham Hill

    We want your views on our proposals to transform the A23 Streatham Hill in south London, between Sternhold Avenue and Holmewood Road to make it easier, safer and more pleasant for people to cycle and walk. These proposals would provide benefits for all street users in the area, making it... More
    Closes 22 March 2020
  • Bus priority and improvements for people walking along the A41 Finchley Road, Hendon Way to Hilgrove Road

    The A41 Finchley Road is a busy road dominated by motorised vehicles. We have been working with Camden and Barnet Councils on improvements between Hendon Way and Hilgrove Road. The proposed changes will improve journey times and reliability of northbound buses on Finchley Road, encouraging... More
    Closes 27 March 2020
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